Raya My Ass

Status: OHLAWD, cringing forever at Hantu Limah movie thingy. I don't find it that hilarious.
Song: Pocketful Of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield. WORST.SONG.EVER. ~TAKE ME AWAYYYY~!


I have finally watched the Hantu Limah something-something movie. It was meh. I thought it was weird, confusing and just plain dumb.

It wasn't that funny. I mean, running away from a ghost-who-is-not-so-much-a-ghost with slippers on your hands? YEAHH.. that will bring tears to my eyes. Not.

I guess I just don't get dumb jokes. I didn't find that Zombie Kg Pisang movie funny. Not surprised this one wasn't that funny.

I knew I should have gone and watch Easy A. Emma Stone was awesome in that movie. It remains one of my favourite movies from 2010 along with Inception.

Anyway, I am not looking forward to Raya this year. I don't think I'll be feeling happy to Raya anytime soon except for happiness for the food.

I'm just celebrating Raya for food. Is that so wrong??


Maybe, back in the days when I was still a kid, I love Raya. It's my favourite holiday. But as you get older you just lost the feeling.

To tell you the truth, I rather be sleeping till noon than going to these so-called families relatives' houses.
I don't even know their names or remember their faces.

Just maybe because I am awkward with people and I am so lazy to walk.

Anyway, Raya to me has lost its' meaning. To me, it's just another holiday.
Maybe, one day when I am all alone, I'll probably won't celebrate it at all because it's just another day to me.

Awh, shit. Another meaningless post.

I was supposed to be this awesome person. Maybe, that dull Banting life has finally rubbed on me.
I am finally not-so-awesome anymore. I am dull and depressing.

So, come by here if you ever feel like being depressing today.