I Had 10 Wishes

Day Five: 10 Wishes

1. I wish my life is like that tv show, How I Met Your Mother. So that I could be friends with Barney.

2. I wish I knew Misha Collins in real life and we be BFF and then he could introduce me to The Jensen Ackles.

3. I wish I have awesome skills in editing video. Probably I should wish I have longer lasting spam attention thingamajig.

4. Uhhhh. Probably another delusional Supernatural friend. So we can bitch and cry and have a Supernatural night every Friday. That would be awesome.

5. I wish I have more money. Money brings happiness in me.

6. I wish for world peace. OhMaGawd, who am I kidding? I wish I study in PeeJay. But then again, if I were rich I'd be studying overseas.

7. I wish there would be more awesome guys like Misha Collins and hotter guys like Jensrn Ackles in Malaysia.

8. I wish - you know what? This stupid ten wishes is really childish.

I'm out. It's not like it would ever come true.