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Where Them Blogs At?

Status: Heellooo, my almost neglected blog.
Song: Kiss With A Fist by Florence+The Machine.


But it kind of not sucks anyway, nothing interesting happened. At least to me.

I mean I am currently stuck in Banting on Friday night.
Like What The Hell? I don't even belong here where they even confiscate jeans. JEANS FOR FISH'S SAKE!

I don't want to live in a place where they banned jeans. Like. How can you even exist in this world without jeans?

If there is no jeans, I would probably be like Lady GaGa. You know, not wearing any pants. That's because I don't have anything other than jeans in my 'AVALANCHE WARDROBE.'

Yeah, I dubbed it the 'AVALANCHE WARDROBE' because whenever I opened the wardrobe, a stack of clothes fall on me.

Anyway, I really really want to go out on Friday night.
Just when I started to love Katy Perry's TGIF. Darn.

I wanted…

Misha The Antichrist.

Status: I'll follow into the darkness.
Song: Dirty Picture by Taio Cruz and Kesha.

It was on Tumblr, yesterday (which is around 11 am on Saturday morning.)

My reaction: LOL. WHAT? Misha? Our overlord is the Antichrist? This is a conspiracy!!

Then, a few minutes later, Misha tweeted about this.

10 hours later, Yahoo! deleted the question.

Misha's tweet:

This is why he is so awesome.

Look at how proud he is with his new title.

Like being called 'Overlord' , 'Angel Of The Lord' , and 'God' aren't enough.

Well, whatever he is, I still love him.

Why can't there be more awesome guys like you in my life?

I mean, do you know how awful are those people in my so-called college? They don't even know what trenchcoat is.

How dare them?! ASDDFGHJK.

Trenchcoat is basically the trademark for Castiel. Without it, it's not Cas, our angel of the lord that doesn't understand our pop culture refer…

Fucking Mcfuckerson

Status: Look at all the fuck I give.
Song: Fuck You by Cee Lo Green.


Remember when I used to not swear because I'm the nicest girl since forever.

My friends would just die to see me utter profanities.

Oh if they were here now , they would have die of happiness. Finally, all those swearing in front of me have paid off.

"Shut up or I'll fuck you upside down." - I'm not sure why but this is probably one of the best sentences I've ever heard in real life.-
"That fucking hilarious."

"What the fuck?"

Thanks to you guys, I have used the word, 'fuck' in my daily life. Because now I swear like a sailor.

Like swearing under my breath when things don't go too well. "Eff."
Like swearing alone in my dorm when I found out Castiel supposed to be dead in season 6. "FUUUCKKK.…

Everyday I'm Shufflin'

Status: Just bought Beats by Dr Dre earphone.
Song: Who Says by Selena Gomez.

Today is basically the best day of the week.

Today, we watched Monte Carlo. TRES YES, another 2010 goal accomplished. I feel so awesome.

Finally. Katie Cassidy and Leighton Meester are fierce women in that movie.

I love those two.
Who the hell cares that I am now currently humming to Selena Gomez's Who Says?

No one. TEEHEE. I think I'm starting to appreciate Selena Gomez. She's not that bad.

I think I just did an unthinkable thing.

I just bought Beats earphone that cost 120 bucks without thinking twice. I FEEL LIKE I'M THE MOST AWESOME HUMAN BEINGS EVER BORN.

Ninja Turtle bought it too. I have the black one and she has the white one.
We decided to exchange the earphones every week. Because WE CAN BITCHES.

I love my life.

While we were choosing the colour of the earphones the store guy asked us, "Why don't you choose purple?&quo…

This Is Life Without You

Status: My broken heart breaks for you.
Song: On and On by Tenth Avenue North

"I am not going to be a series regular on 'Supernatural' next year. I don't really know what my role on the show is going to be. I know that I'm going to be in the first two episodes at this point, but I don't know beyond that what the season holds for me."

One word. Fuck.

I just don't know what to feel right now. They're everywhere.

I am still butt-hurt over the fact that Da Bitch also known as Sera Gamble, the supposedly showrunner of Supernatural called Castiel's plotline 'redundant.'

Bitch, please. You tried to bring back the old 'Sam and Dean' show. How can you call that new and call Castiel's plotline 'redundant'?


I personally think that she dislikes the character Castiel and just want to end his character so she can ma…