When The World Ends

Status: The irony of life. I CAN'T
Song: Ironic by Alanis Morrisette.

When I found out the theory about the world is going to end on May 21st 2011, I let out a squeal.

It's the day of Supernatural finale which ends with Cas being the new god.

Then, I thought to myself, if this is the last day on earth, I would like to spend my time with karaoke-ing.

I don't believe yesterday is the Rapture or whatever it is. Sounds fishy, if you ask me.

Anyway, I told the girls we ain't going nowhere without me downloading the Supernatural 2 hour finale which has the size of 699MB.

Supposedly, the British Official (AKA the Bodyguard) should have come but he had the b-boy practice.

Since he's not coming, we weren't watching POTC 4.

We went to RedBox.

It was fun. We sang a lot of K-pop songs.
That Man by Hyun Bin was the most memorable one.
We sang the song like we were the one who's having unrequited love.

I picked that song because it reminds me of Castiel.
Just how much more do I have to gaze at you alone?
This love that came like the wind, this beggar like love
If I continue this way, will you love me?
Then we sang some outsider, outcast kind of songs.

Born This Way by Lady GaGa.
Raise Your Glass by Pink.

It was very motivating. Because I'm different. Not sure about Panda and Ninja Turtle.

But I was born to be an outsider.

I don't see the wrong in that.

Besides that, Panda being the clumsy animal, spilled her drink while dancing to Genie.
While she was cleaning up the mess, she still sang.

Ninja Turtle being a wise person picked Single Ladies.
So Ninja Turtle and me started singing and dance to the song.

Not until one of the workers came.
He was staring at the tv before flashed us a grin.
He started to hum to the song while replacing batteries for the microphones.

We were trying very hard not to laugh. Because it was amusing.
And I tried very hard not to sing along to the song.

When we were waiting to get on the bus, we met this foreigner.

Ninja Turtle being a courteous turtle insisted the guy to go first.
But he refused and said, "Age before beauty."

When we were walking toward the bus, I walked beside him.
"So, what are you girls doing here? Window shopping?"

I smiled at him, "Yeahh."

"Seeing you girls not bringing anything," he showed the plastic bags he carries, "makes me feel like a donkey."

Okay. Honestly, I can't remember what he was saying. All I know is he said the word donkey.

After that, we went to Banting to have a look at the college I'm staying at.

It was what I expected. Just a small town. Shit, I'm a born native city girl.
Small town can't contain me for a year, damnit.

Anyway, on the way back, I have the urge to pee.

Apparently so was Ninja Turtle.

So Panda being the cheeky animal started making water sounds.

Me: LALALALALALA. *plugs on ipod*

OF course, I had to tease Ninja Turtle. So I made a song for this very uncomfortable situation..

It goes like, "PEE PEE PEE PEE PEE PEE."

After that weird situation, we also talked about the books I just bought.

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchet.
Some Supernatural novel. - I bought it because I saw Castiel's name in it.-

I wanted to read Good Omens because it was definitely has something to do with the plot in Supernatural.

It's a parody take on apocalypse.
It's about a demon and an angel working together to stop apocalypse.
What a coincidence that the demon is named Crowley.


Then I remember how that day is supposedly the day the world ends.
Oh. How ironic my life is.

Ninja Turtle being an annoyed turtle threaten to rip apart my books.
I almost threaten her back by taking away her veggies.

We stopped by the rest stop for dinner.
There we were talking about fanatic fans.

My mom and my youngest sister are huge fan of Secret Garden.

Panda: The song is quite nice but the story is nonsense.
Mom and sister: NO. IT'S NOT.
Ninja Turtle: Stanning much? Panda stans SMtown, I stan Cube Ent, Taco stan Supernatural.
Me: That reminds me. Finale!! I need to watch it.
Mom: Nonsense show.
Panda: Agree.
Ninja Turtle: Stupid show.
ME: ASDFGHKL!!! FAMILY SHIP OVER. *slamming my hand on the table*

When we arrived home, Panda and Ninja Turtle made this discussion about a fanfic involving me as a main character.

It was the most complicated fanfic I've ever heard.

It involves my school friends, Supernatural characters, Panda, Ninja Turtle, British Official, Super Junior, Girl's Day's Minah, Beast, 2PM, Captain Jack Sparrow, Edward Cullen and Bella.

Apparently, everyone dies except for me and Ghost!Sam haunts me till I die.

Such a tragic ending.
Well, at least I have Sam. Even though he's a ghost.