This Is My Hole.

Status: Can't sleep because of you.
Song: Funny Little Feeling by Rock 'n Roll Soldiers.

In My Opinion:

Supernatural's next week episode >>>>>> Other Important Stuff.

Since everyone is having a partay at Tumblr, I might as well keep blogging about Supernatural until the last episode.

Frickin' people, never updating blog.

Yes, I am still not over how flawless and beautiful this episode.
I keep thinking about it over and over until I realized I need to pee, last night.

It was that bad. At least, my bladder hadn't exploded yet but if the writers keep doing this D/C shipping spree moments, my ovaries might explode.

DEAN: Why’s it always got to be me that makes the call? It’s not like Cas lives in my ass. The dude’s busy. *Castiel appears behind Dean's ass* Cas! Get out of my ass!

CASTIEL: I was never in your…

*awkward silence*

Very subtle, writers. *squinty eyes*  Now we all know who tops.

If you know what I mean.

I am very much concerned with Cas. He's not evil, he's just lost and confused.

He's been following orders for the rest of his existence and now, he's the one ordering others.

I will be pissed if Dean suddenly goes all morally righteous on Cas.

And Sam should be understanding about this situation because he's been through this back in Season 4.

I will rage if they turned their backs on Castiel.
I will cut someone's throat if the boys kill Castiel.
I might not be watching this show if Castiel is permanently dead.

Even if I will watch the show, I will forever weeping on the 'What if Castiel is in this episode?'