Status: Have failed her life expectation at just age of 17.
Song: Dream On by Aerosmith. ~DREAM ON~


I don't know which is more insulting. 
Seeing two of my cousins successfully get scholarship to Ireland  and Canada.
Or someone told the whole Krubong FB  family that I supposedly get the scholarship to Australia.

Sometimes I feel like Justin Bieber, People assuming things out of nowhere.
I should hire a PR for this. 
Now, I have to clarify to them that, 'No, I didn't get the scholarship but thanks for rubbing it in my face.'

You know, I should totally be a celebrity. Get myself some huge makeover and do successful things.

Then, I get to study anywhere I want.
Then, I might get to meet Supernatural cast.

Ah yes, I decided to put 'Meeting Supernatural Cast' on my bucket list.

So far my Bucket List consists of:
• Meeting Supernatural Cast. (I will die happy.
• Go to Korea. (That's where my limited knowledge of Korean comes in handy.)
• Visit USA.  (The All-American Dream~~)
• Actually able to speak in another language fully. 
• Have a group of friends that I can trust. 
• Own a house in PJ and live a happy life in PJ. 
• Get a Nobel prize. (TROLOLOL)
• Actually find a sport that I'm good at. I can't be bad at all the sports.

Anyway, I feel weird. 
It's like you just got over a huge break-up with your boyfriend and then seeing him with another girl.
Or seeing someone living the dream that you know you could never have.

I just got over the fact that I will probably get to study in Malaysia only.

And I probably need more time to accept that I might need to study in public university while most of my friends get to study in private colleges.

I swear it's like life is out to bite me in the ass. Figuratively.

This is why I should avoid Facebook. Maybe I should just delete it and make a new one where I will probably add people that I actually care.

I am still surprised at how my mom has avoided the whole Krubong FB family fiasco. She's the original anti-social.

If anti-social is a monster in Supernatural, my mom would be the Alpha Anti-Social.

Her friends consists of the PJ family, friends and her old schoolmates from SSP and SMKPSA.

Ah well, you can't choose family.
Although when it comes to family I made a principle based on Dean's quote.

"Just because you're blood doesn't mean you're family. You have to earn it."

I decided to live by this principle since I have a huge family. You can't trust anyone these days.
Or they can't trust me these days, I might stab them in the back.

After all this fiasco, I have made up my mind to open a college fund for my kids in the future.( In case I decided I want annoying little alien form called  kids. )

They don't have to rely heavily on scholarships. I don't want to see their dreams being taken away just because we're not rich enough or smart enough or she's/he's from an average school or just because she's a girl.

In other words, congratulations to the boys who get to study overseas. I hope that person who happen to study in Canada, is not studying in Vancouver.

Because I will forever be green in envy.

How is this my life? I can't even drive nor I can study overseas.

But then again, maybe this is all the shit storm hitting the fan. All good things do indeed ends.

Bad things must end too. Right??

Does this mean I get to have awesome friends. Oh wait, I already do.

Then does this means Castiel will be alive?

Does this means I get to meet awesome guys like Misha Collins or guys looking hawt like Jensen Ackles?

Does this means I get to go to USA or Korea?

Ah the possibility.