Oh, You're So Divine.

Status: What has the world come to?
Song: The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars.

Yes, Misha's minions are at it again.
Not ashamed to say this but I am one of them.

This series apparently was short of money. So, they made this donation or something like that.
It has reached its' goal and counting. Currently, the money in the donation is around 10000 dollars.

I am surprised.

So, the show is happening and Misha is the co-creator of this series.

It will be shown in Summer 2011.

Obviously, they know how to make fangirls go crazy.

Yes, have Misha be a priest. 
Oh. How coincidence that most Supernatural fans have priest!kink. No thanks to those two.

Tres yes, have a trailer with scenes of Misha's lips whispering desperate prayers.

Please, explode all the girls' ovaries. We don't have any use for it anyway.

Remember when Castiel promo for Season 6 teaser came out?
Everyone is gushing how hot he is in black trench coat.
Everyone wants Cas to wear that trench coat in show.

Now we know why he's wearing black trench coat. 
Cas gone to the dark side = black trench coat.

Sometimes, I love this fandom so much it hurts.

Everything is priest!Misha and nothing hurts.

Ahh.. yes. Now, I remember. I used to have hots for Keanu Reeves  in Constantine.

Constantine remains one of my favourite movies of all time. 
Keanu Reeves as John Constantine is basically the best thing that ever happen to me back then.

UNF. Yes, keep exorcise those demons.

John Constantine is the only person who can make smoking looks sexy.

I love that movie. Ever since that movie, I became his fan and watch any movies that has him in it.