Like A Prodigal

Status: YES. My third post of the day. IZ PROUD.
Song: Prodigal by OneRepublic.

This post is full of Supernatural and Dean/Castiel and possibly Sassy and The Kings.

I  definitely need to make a video after The Man Who Would Be King episode.

I actually made this video before the episode aired so half the video, I had to remake all over again.

I learned some new techniques in this video.
I hate the ending because I didn't know how to end the video.

Just in case, this video can be viewed differently. It could be a friendship video or a slash video.
Either way, it's still about Dean and Cas.

First verse is from Dean's perspective.
Second is from Cas' perspective.
It is surely a beautiful song. I love OneRepublic lately.

I found this on Tumblr.

It's always amusing to see non-Supernatural fans ship Dean/Castiel like it is the most natural thing in the world.

That's how profound their bond is.
I really hope they will make up in the finale.

Because if they don't, I might die out of the heart breaking and the rage.

I know in my heart, their relationship will always be more of one-sided.

Cas will always do more for Dean.
He will always cares for Dean more than Dean cares for him.

It hurts.