I Will Follow You Into The Dark

Status: I support Castiel. I understand.
Song: Prodigal by OneRepublic.

Supernatural, that episode, 6.20, 'The Man Who Would Be The King', was amazing and HEARTBREAKING.

I love it because it does things to my heart that no other show ever did.

I love how it was from Castiel's point of view. I love the monologue.
I love his blue eyes. I love his voice. I love his smile. I love his trenchcoat. I love his epic love for Dean. I love his conflicts. I love Castiel.

My heart still hurts for Castiel like motherf-

Anyway, I don't know how to live a normal life for another two weeks before the finale.

The spoilers I heard doesn't help at all. What do you mean the cliffhanger involves Castiel's fate???

I don't want Castiel to die because that would be mean. He's just a good guy who turns to dark side.

I can't afford another Anakin Skywalker. Darth Vader doesn't deserve to die!!!

The bromance between Dean and Cas hurts me so much.

It was so angsty. I want my old ship backkkk!!!

Dean's loyalty to Castiel makes me want to just push them both together to hug it all out.

I like to think that Castiel really loves Dean. Either Platonic or non-platonic way, it does not matter.
The only thing that's making me sad was Castiel actually contemplating on asking for Dean's help but he doesn't want to bother Dean's apple pie life with Lisa.

That part was so so common in the fanfics I've read.
'Is this the real life? Or is this just a fantasyyy??'

 AND the last look they were exchanging???? OH GAWD, someone holds me!!!!!

 Then, the scene where they indirectly broke up. SHIT. It was awful, tears were threatening to roll down.

Besides the EPIC LOVE STORY between those two, I have to say I like their version of Hell.

Crap, who would want to wait in a very very long line and when you reach the end, you have to go back again? Masochist, I tell you!!

That Hell is horrible.

Of course, the shocking but not really that OMFG was Castiel got Sam back out from the Hell.
I was like, "I read this before.."

Then when Sam was accusing Castiel for not doing a good job for raising him out of Hell without soul, I was mad at Sam.

I mean. Seriously. I love you Soulful!Sam, but at least he did raised you out of hell. Can't you at least be grateful??

Then again, I'm not much of Sam girl.

The only thing that was still going over in my head was Dean calling Cas a child.
It was true. In a way.
Castiel was to exist for obeying. Never for Freedom.
When he has the freedom, he doesn't know what to do with it.
He ends up doing the wrong decision.

I really hope he can become good again. I will have anything as long he doesn't dies.