Awesome City Where Awesome People Lives

 Status: I don't want anywhere but here.
Song: In The City by Kevin Rudolf.

If there is one thing about me that I know I won't change at all, it would be the city I was born and grew up in.

Petaling Jaya. Or I called it Pee Jay.

This city is incomparable to any other cities in the country.
Well, except for its' twin, Kuala Lumpur. Because they're so alike.
It has everything.
It's the most developed non-capital city in Malaysia. - Got that from Wikipedia.

That's right, it even has its' own Wikipedia page.

It's the city where people like me lives in.
It's the city everyone else wants to live in.

But of course only few can get to live in this awesome city I called home.

I want to believe I was born to be here.
There's no other city I would want to live in.

I mean where can you find a city with more than 5 shopping malls?

This city has Ikano Power Centre, Tropicana City Mall, 1 Utama, Subang Parade, Empire Shopping Gallery, The Curve, Sunway Pyramid, Jaya Shopping Centre, Digital Mall, Amcorp Mall, and The Atria.

It takes less than an hour to go to all those malls.

Most people like me enjoys going to 1 Utama or we call it OU.

Since I'm unique and all, I prefer The Curve and Subang Parade.
Less people and I know I won't get lost. - OU is HUGE enough for me to get lost. 

Of course, it is not only about shopping malls. 
It's the school. 
I would be lying to say that I hate schools.
As of right now, I miss school. 
I miss SMKSP. I sometimes wish I was enrolled for Sri Aman.
But Sri Permata is where I studied. I don't regret it.
I mean where can you find a school where it lacked of money but it is surrounded by bungalows?

 My school. One of a kind.

I guess what makes this city different than the other cities I visited is the fact that you will meet all kinds of people.

Bad people, nice people, religous people, righteous people, horny people, sociopaths, stupid people, smart people, snobby people, lonely people, weird people, non-religion people, manipulative people, and you know, all of them.

It's always interesting to meet all kinds of people.
It helps you to be more open-minded.

Like not to discriminate against others just because they're different.

I don't discriminate different people because I used to be discriminated by others too.