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I don't like this pre-college life. I definitely didn't expect me to study here in nowhere town.

I miss PeeJay and its' awesomeness.

Anyway, I don't really know what to blog about.

I can complain all I want about the stupid Matrics but it still won't change a thing. I'm still going to be there for a year.

After that, who knows where I will end up in?
Probably more degrading places like outside the Selangor state. Ugh. No way, I'm studying anywhere near east coast.

Not sorry to say.

One thing I do realize when I stay at the place that shall not be named,  I miss my schoolmates.

So much it hurts.
Because, there's like thousands of Malays and 10 non-Malays.

Even though I'm a Malay, I don't really get along with Malays.
Especially the real 'Malay'.

It's the reason why I have small numbers of Malay friends that I …

When The World Ends

Status: The irony of life. I CAN'T
Song: Ironic by Alanis Morrisette.

When I found out the theory about the world is going to end on May 21st 2011, I let out a squeal.

It's the day of Supernatural finale which ends with Cas being the new god.

Then, I thought to myself, if this is the last day on earth, I would like to spend my time with karaoke-ing.

I don't believe yesterday is the Rapture or whatever it is. Sounds fishy, if you ask me.

Anyway, I told the girls we ain't going nowhere without me downloading the Supernatural 2 hour finale which has the size of 699MB.

Supposedly, the British Official (AKA the Bodyguard) should have come but he had the b-boy practice.

Since he's not coming, we weren't watching POTC 4.

We went to RedBox.

It was fun. We sang a lot of K-pop songs.
That Man by Hyun Bin was the most memorable one.
We sang the song like we were the one who's having u…

Oh- You Guys.

Song: Consequence by The Notwist.

The only thing I can do right now is cry.
Then I will read angsty fics and cry.
Then I will listen to angsty songs and cry again.
Then I will watch fanvids and cry all over again.
Then I will stalk Sebastian Roche' and Misha Collins' twitter.

Oh boys. Why are you still remaining awesome at times like this? 

He's in Brazil and he's trending in Brazil.
This man is trolling everywhere.
He just referred himself as God. Oh my god. WHAT IS LIFE? 
I love him too much.
Everyone is now back to being happy.

Mr. Selfish

Status: I am blogging this shit until the premiere of season 7. WATCH ME.
Song: Look What You've Done by Jet

Okay. I think I just sat through the whole 40 minutes of pure torture.
I punished myself by rewatching 6.21, Let It Bleed.
After the episode ends, I realized I can't bring myself to watch the last episode.

It hurts so much.
Like your heart is literally trying to die. Because something in my chest is hurting.

Like not getting a scholarship and being forced to study in no-name town isn't worse already.
I swear if another bad thing happen to me, I might kill someone.
I can never not support Castiel. He could become evil but I will stand by him.

I don't want to blame the writers because stirring shit up and angsty up everywhere because that is what SPN writers are best at.
I was close to tears when I watched Season 3 finale.
I was crying when I watched Season 5 finale.

This finale is no different. Except a lo…

Awesome City Where Awesome People Lives

Status: I don't want anywhere but here.
Song: In The City by Kevin Rudolf.

If there is one thing about me that I know I won't change at all, it would be the city I was born and grew up in.

Petaling Jaya. Or I called it Pee Jay.
This city is incomparable to any other cities in the country.
Well, except for its' twin, Kuala Lumpur. Because they're so alike.
It has everything.
It's the most developed non-capital city in Malaysia. - Got that from Wikipedia.

That's right, it even has its' own Wikipedia page.

It's the city where people like me lives in.
It's the city everyone else wants to live in.

But of course only few can get to live in this awesome city I called home.

I want to believe I was born to be here.
There's no other city I would want to live in.

I mean where can you find a city with more than 5 shopping malls?

This city has Ikano Power Centre, Tropicana City Mall,1 Utama, Subang …

Epic Love Story Featuring Dean and Cas.

Status: You and me? We're just friends.
Song: Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas.


Castiel to me is the reason I'm watching season 6. I rewatched all episodes of season 6 that has Castiel in it. Even if it was just for 10 seconds of Castiel.

In season 4, we saw this good, obedient, soldier. He was just another angel. The angel that raised Dean from perdition.
In the finale, he rebelled against Heaven for Dean. He got killed.
No more Castiel.

In season 5, Castiel was alive again. he was brought back by God. But he rebelled against Heaven.
His power was cut off from Heaven. At some point, he became human.
Again. Because of Dean.
In the finale, he sacrificed himself to give Dean some time with Sam. He was exploded by Lucifer.
But he was brought back again by G…

Oh, You're So Divine.

Status: What has the world come to?
Song: The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars.

Yes, Misha's minions are at it again.
Not ashamed to say this but I am one of them.

This series apparently was short of money. So, they made this donation or something like that.
It has reached its' goal and counting. Currently, the money in the donation is around 10000 dollars.

I am surprised.

So, the show is happening and Misha is the co-creator of this series.

It will be shown in Summer 2011.

Obviously, they know how to make fangirls go crazy.

Yes, have Misha be a priest. 
Oh. How coincidence that most Supernatural fans have priest!kink. No thanks to those two.

Tres yes, have a trailer with scenes of Misha's lips whispering desperate prayers.

Please, explode all the girls' ovaries. We don't have any use for it anyway.

Remember when Castiel promo for Season 6 teaser came out? Everyone is gushing how hot he is in black trench coat. Every…
Status: Have failed her life expectation at just age of 17.Song: Dream On by Aerosmith. ~DREAM ON~
I don't know which is more insulting.  Seeing two of my cousins successfully get scholarship to Ireland  and Canada. Or someone told the whole Krubong FB  family that I supposedly get the scholarship to Australia.
Sometimes I feel like Justin Bieber, People assuming things out of nowhere.
I should hire a PR for this.  Now, I have to clarify to them that,'No, I didn't get the scholarship but thanks for rubbing it in my face.'
You know, I should totally be a celebrity. Get myself some huge makeover and do successful things.
Then, I get to study anywhere I want. Then, I might get to meet Supernatural cast.
Ah yes, I decided to put 'Meeting Supernatural Cast' on my bucket list.
So far my Bucket List consists of: • Meeting Supernatural Cast. (I will die happy.)  • Go to Korea. (That's where my limited knowledg…

Isn't It Ironic?

Status: Why do I have too many sad songs?
Song: That Woman by Baek Ji Young. - MY CREYSS.

It's meeting the man of my dreams,
And then meeting his beautiful wife,
And isn't it ironic...don't you think?
- Ironic, Alanis Morissette-
I will always feel disappointed in myself for not obtaining that frickin scholarship. Hadn't been always disappointed in me. Used to be my parents, the government, God and the rest of the world.
But maybe I don't deserve it.
Not gonna lie, there is a small voice inside my head telling me that if I get to study in Australia or UK, the chances of me meeting Supernatural cast are high.
I mean, obviously they won't visit my country.  They're too awesome for this country.
Ahh.. I guess I'll settle for seeing you boys on my laptop screen.
It's better than nothing.
Maybe I'm just butthurt seeing them at a convention in England.


Like A Prodigal

Status: YES. My third post of the day. IZ PROUD.
Song: Prodigal by OneRepublic.

This post is full of Supernatural and Dean/Castiel and possibly Sassy and The Kings.

I  definitely need to make a video after The Man Who Would Be King episode.

I actually made this video before the episode aired so half the video, I had to remake all over again.

I learned some new techniques in this video.
I hate the ending because I didn't know how to end the video.

Just in case, this video can be viewed differently. It could be a friendship video or a slash video.
Either way, it's still about Dean and Cas.

First verse is from Dean's perspective.
Second is from Cas' perspective.
It is surely a beautiful song. I love OneRepublic lately.

I found this on Tumblr.

It's always amusing to see non-Supernatural fans ship Dean/Castiel like it is the most natural thing in the world.

That's how profound their bond is.
I really hope …

That Unspoken Bond

Song: Lazy Song by Bruno Mars.

Since this could be the last week for me before I'm heading off to Banting, I might as well update my blog as regularly as possible.

Today, I want to write a story about the Fantastic Four. Yes, this could be a disaster or a masterpiece.

I shall start this story with a 'Once upon a time.'

Once upon a time, in a land called Rumah Atok where a group of close friends meet up with each other. Sort of.

They are Panda,Ninja Turtle, Bodyguard, and Taco. Mind you, this is totallya fiction.

Maybe they don't notice this, but they have an unspoken meeting.

Panda will always be the first one to arrive at the dining table, doing her homeworks.

She practically lives there since high school started.

Anyway, she will drag all of her textbooks and stack of papers on the table.
Then, she will start doing her homework like it might help the world be a better pl…

Which To Bury, Me or Dreams?

Status: Didn't get the JPA scholarship. D:
Song: Scream by Zac Efron.

I failed to obtain that scholarship. I knew life is going to turn out this way.
Just didn't know it was going to hurt like a bitch.

First thing I thought when I saw the result, "There goes my dream out of the window."

I should give a goodbye kiss to it.
At night, I should cry myself to sleep.
I should be listening to heartbreaking songs by now.


My life, what are you doing?

Now, I am consoling myself with rewatching Supernatural episode 6.20 over and over again.

Until I realize my life isn't that so bad compare to Castiel.

Shit, now I am crying for Castiel.


Run Around You In Circles

Status: That smile.  Song: Where I Stood by Missy Higgins. ____________________________________________________________ You know that moment where you wish your life is a musical movie? No?  Maybe it's just me.
I know at least that most of you have sing and dance once in the bathroom. 
Don't deny it. 
You know it was totally worth it even though someone was slamming the door, telling you they have to pee.
That happy feeling you get after that awe-inspring, naked performance you just did? Definitely worth it.
I am not going to lie, I sometimes randomly dance to 'Single Ladies' whenever I feel happy and bubbly.
I usually started dancing to Single Ladies whenever I pass by someone who is too immerse with whatever they're doing.
Random Person: *having very very deep thoughts about life and death* Me: ALL THE SINGLE LADIES~ OH,OH,OH~ Random Person: *DEEP THOUGHTS*
I also tend to sing while I'm in kitchen.  I have the urge to sing whenever I step into the kitchen. It's like a ha…

Angles In Love

Status: I think I'm overusing the latest episode scenes in the next vid.
Song: The Ballad Of Mona Lisa by Panic! At The Disco.

I'm not gonna lie. I have been working my ass off on this particular video.
I hate it. Because I love this song so much and I know if I make a video of the song, I will hate it.
Like I don't listen to AAR's I Wanna or Usher's DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again.

But it was such a perfect song for the situation.

Besides that, I almost shed a tear today because of Castiel situation.
Yes, I will forever not over that episode until I get my closure which is 2 weeks away.

Yes, it's just a show but this show has been with me since SPM started.
Not gonna lie though, this show is the one of the main reason why I'm still hanging on to this shithole called my life. Keeps me going from week to week.

Sometimes, I just wish anyone would understand how that feels.

I thought I might cheered myself…

Must Get Out

Status: Ehh.. blogging while waiting for the video to render.
Song: All Fall Down by OneRepublic.

I'm sure I'm not the only Supernatural fan who is still not over that episode.

Judging by the sudden rise in numbers of video and fanfics. I am not the only one.

My heart still bleeds for Castiel. I had deep thoughts about his situation. If I am having more deeper thoughts about him, I might cry for him.

Mainly because I was stuck in Krubong yesterday. There was nothing to do there as always.

Although, Panda and me had some sort of relishing the memories when we were younger.

Which happened to be Digimon, Slam Dunk and Ouran High School Host Club.
Next thing we know, we were singing to all anime songs.

And  we may have also started writing the lyrics to the song, Friday.

Then I realized I was tired of my uncontrollable life. I was tired of waiting for something to come and lead me to the right path. …

I Will Follow You Into The Dark

Status: I support Castiel. I understand.
Song: Prodigal by OneRepublic.

Supernatural, that episode, 6.20, 'The Man Who Would Be The King', was amazing and HEARTBREAKING.

I love it because it does things to my heart that no other show ever did.

I love how it was from Castiel's point of view. I love the monologue.
I love his blue eyes. I love his voice. I love his smile. I love his trenchcoat. I love his epic love for Dean. I love his conflicts. I love Castiel.

My heart still hurts for Castiel like motherf-

Anyway, I don't know how to live a normal life for another two weeks before the finale.

The spoilers I heard doesn't help at all. What do you mean the cliffhanger involves Castiel's fate???

I don't want Castiel to die because that would be mean. He's just a good guy who turns to dark side.

I can't afford another Anakin Skywalker. Darth Vader doesn't deserve to die!!!

Thebromance between Dean an…

Probably The Last Time I'll See You.

Status: I miss high school life.
Song: This Is The Last Time by Keane.

While I am patiently waiting for this week's episode of Supernatural, I want to dedicate this whole post on my school. High school specifically.

Well, not really a tribute. Just that I just got back from my school's Hari Anugerah thingy and I realized that this maybe the last time I'm will be here.

It is the last time I will see my teachers' face.
It is the last time I will see some of my classmates' face.
It is the last time I'm sitting in that plastic chair.
It is the last time I will be in the school building.

So many memories rushing back to me right now. I am overwhelmed by this flashback.

It was nice to see my schoolmates all dressed up and looking so mature. It's like they have grown into adults.
Most of the time, I felt like I'm the only one who haven't changed at all.

I still can't believe my luck somehow. It&#…

When A Heart Breaks, It Don't Breakeven.

Status: Everything is Destiel and nothing hurts.
Song: 모르시죠 by FT Triple.

I have found a Korean song fitting the Dean and Castiel one-sided relationship. I IZ HAPPY.

Don’t you know? I waited for you everyday.
Don’t you know? I am only looking at you, my love.
You don’t know.  You don’t know because you can’t hear me.
You don’t know anything.
- 모르시죠, FT Triple -
This song is actually one of the earliest Korean songs I had it on repeat for days. It's either this song or Oh!
 That was early 2010. I miss those days when I used to listen K-pop non-stop.

TROLOLOLOLOL. I knew the writers ship Dean/Castiel. My fangirl's heart can't take this news.

Aside from the fact of how horrible the fire looked like, I am shaking and crying.
I don't know what to do. I think I may need my long-lost popcorn (It's somewhere in the kitchen, I can smell it!!) and tissues. Hugs, preferably.
“He won’t like it. Familial betrayal is his kryptonite, so…