Status: What the hell, SM?
Song: Nu ABO by f(x). This song is perfection.

You know what time it is???
It's K-pop time!!

Finally!! K-pop is relevant in my life. f(x)!!!! Fyeahhhh.

 They just releases their album today and I listened to all of them.

It's definitely on the shit list along with BIG BANG's album.

It doesn't help the fact that this Pinocchio song is nothing compared to Nu ABO. 

In my opinion, Nu ABO was one of the best song in 2010. It was just unappreciated because of Super Junior LAWD-AWFUL song, BONAMANA.

I'm a fan of Super Junior but even I know that song is horrible.

I guess this is what you call underwhelmed.
For example, Girls' Generation was just heading the right direction when they did Genie (which is still my jam) but then they released Oh! . - I hated Oh! when I first I heard the song. But they managed to make me like it with that colourful MV. Lucky bitches.

Another one, Super Junior.
Sorry, Sorry and It's You? Fuck yeahhh.
BONAMANA and No Other? Fuck NO.

But they won several awards for those songs.
Have you listen to Oh! album? I want my money BACK.
It's either Korea has bad taste in music or they're idols royalties.

Same goes for f(x). They were really good and perfect with Nu ABO and Mr. Boogie.
I don't even know what to make of these songs.
The only good songs I find in the album is Beautiful Goodbye and Dangerous.

I really like f(x) but I'm not so sure I like where this shit fest is heading to.

SM must have really hate f(x) that they gave all this crappy songs for their album.

I'll support them anyway because that's what delusional fangirls do.