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When I Was 13

Status: This hollow feeling? What does it means?
Song: This Is The Last Time by Keane.

I almost forgot that yesterday,f(x) won on Music Bank. 
I feel like such a proud f(x) fan.
I support these girls since their debut.
THEY deserve the win so much. I feel so happy for them.

Of course, that Friday night, Maroon 5 held concert in Malaysia.

Maroon 5 used to be is still one of my favourite bands.

I was crazy for them when I was 13. 

I just fell in love with their songs back then, This Love and Harder To Breathe.
Songs About Jane is definitely one of my favourite album all time.

The Sun is still my favourite song from Maroon 5.
I used to sing the song all the time.
I used to write the lyrics on every piece of paper I found.
I know the lyrics to the song by heart now.
THAT SONG always reminds me of the times when I was 13.

The first video I made, I used Maroon 5's Must Get Out for the video.

So yeah, I'm kind of sad that I wasn…


Status: Why is everyone abandoning blogs for Tumblr? I DON'T UNDERSTAND.
Song: This Is The Last Time by Keane.

I am literally a huge pile of mess right now. 
I don't know if I could make it through until next week.
You know what I hate right now? Driving. Fuck this shit. I'm hiring a driver when I'm rich.

But really. I don't know what to do.

I have to blog about the latest episode. THERE IS SO MUCH TO SAY ABOUT THIS EPISODE.

Episode 19, Mommy Dearest has got to be one of the best episode so far. I AM TOTALLY REWATCHING THIS EPISODE LIKE FOREVER.

It was so so anti-climatic. Like the big bad of the season, Eve is dead. End of story. WHAT? WHUT?

Who is the villain now?? That is the most feared question right now.

I have this feeling it might be Castiel bb. I can't. I'm sorry.

I am really close to tears right now, it's like Hangeng leaving SuJu fiasco all over again. I can't hate him. I CAN'T.
I wi…

How Malaysians Embarass Themselves

Status: Who are you to judge me and my fandom?
Song: Fly by Super Junior KRY. ~Superstar korean korean korean~

So, I read the article from Berita Harian, the one that Malaysian Kpop fans are raging about few days ago.

Original article: Part 1, Part 2.
LINK: English translation.

What the hell? This is slandering. I called it.

AND this is why I stop reading Malay (NOTE, MALAY not MALAYSIAN) newspapers.

Most probably the reason I couldn't get an A+ for my BM. APA-APA JERLAH.

The news they reported everyday are always about rape cases, incest cases, divorce cases, prostitutes whoring themselves, supernatural shit fest, ghost, the devil, and gossips that aren't really OMFG.

I hate HATE the column where the writers are gossiping about local celebrities while thinking they're being bitchy. They're not. I am forever shaking my head at them.

I still remember the last Malaysian article I found amusing. It was fro…

Everything's Beautiful

Status: 2012 is looking so fine right now.
Song: Marchin' On by OneRepublic.


The network also renewed fan favorite SUPERNATURAL, which enters its seventh season next year. In moving to Fridays last September, SUPERNATURAL immediately helped make The CW more competitive on the night and dramatically contributed to year-to-year gains on Friday of 66% in adults 18-34 and 60% in viewers.
I may have opposed this a few months back ( Who doesn't? The Soulless!Sam plot was awful.) but deep down in my heart, I know I can never EVER let go of Supernatural.

I need Supernatural like a smoker needs the cigarette.

I mean life would be downright depressing without my weekly pretty boys, Jensen, Jared and Misha.

I would watch this show even though they destroy the characters and get Lisa to be with Dean. AS LONG AS I CAN WATCH MY BOYS ON MY SCREEN, I AM CONTENT.

But then, I remembered a rumor I heard yester…

I Stumble Upon My Tumblr

Status: tumblr? I don't know how to use it.
Song: Rising Sun by TVXQ!

Okay, I decided to actually post something on tumblr.
I like tumblr for its funny pictures and gifs. 
I still don't understand how tumblr works. So, yeah. Follow me. If you want.
I'm not forcing anyone.


We Need Pure LOVE f(x)

Status: We believe what we see.
Song: Pinocchio by f(x).

Because I feel generous today, I present you mythirdpost of the day.

It's not about Supernatural. I can hear sigh of relief.Bitch.

Yes, I am in the mood of k-pop. Especially f(x) love.

Okay, I'll tell you the truth. I stumbled upon a kyutoria tumblr. I shouldn't have seen it.

I always end up convinced by their proofs.

It's like YoonHae, SeoKyu and TeukTae all over again.

Great. But it looks so so realll.......

Not gonna lie, I'd ship KyuToria although I adore KhunToria.

Err. Anyway, you know that saying, 'We see what we wanted to believe.'

Yeah.. That's what I call delusional. I CAN'T HELP IT.

SMTown LOVE That Includes f(x).

This is what I've found about KyuToria. I am convinced.  I don't even care.

“Best Asia Star Super Junior sunbaes~ cool dance singer Kyuhyun ‘oppa’”  -Victoria’s Thanks To, f(x)’s 1st Album Pinocchio-

Ride 'em Cowboys

Status: Shit. This show better be renewed for another season or I might go ape shit.
Song: Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi.


I never realize this before but HOT DAMN THAT SAMMEH. He's extra hot today with that cowboy hat.
This episode had me pacing back and forth.
I was like this for the entire episode:
:D, D:, :D, D:, :D,  D:, :D , D: ,:D , D: .

I've never been a fan of those Western movies. So, I don't really get the reference of those movies.

Best quote of the episode had to be this.

Dean: YIPPIE KI-YAY, MOTHERF--. LOL. Motherfucker is censored by CW.

Although I was hoping they would actually mentioned Brokeback Mountain. Just saying~~

But it was enjoyable to watch Dean fanboying all over the place. It was like a kid in a candystore.

I actually like Rachel, Castiel's Lieutenant.
She's badass…

Mr. TAXI. Ooh, Kinky.

Status: Supersonic and hypertonic and hypotonic and isotonic manic bionic energy.
Song: Mr. Taxi by Shoujo Jidai.

My love for k-pop has been reignited yesterday.

Homin proved it yesterday, I DON'T EVEN-

Screw people who think it was wrong and inappropriate for them to perform their old songs.
Why can't they?
They trying to live on the name of Dong Bang Shin Ki.
Sure, it wasn't the same but I've accepted the fact and move on.

As long as I can ogle and flailing my arms back and forth for Shim Changmin, I am okay with everything.

Music Bank was okay yesterday.

f(x)remains one of the best girl groups in terms of LIVE performance.
I think I adore Sulli. She's definitely improved from last year.
Amber's hair- asdfghjkl!! So effing hot.

CNBlue is rocking the ROCK version of that song. Minhyuk stay adorable.

G.O.D. was epic. I was happy to see Danny, Son Ho Young and Kim Tae Woo again.  But that blonde hair has …


Status: What the hell, SM?
Song: Nu ABO by f(x). This song is perfection.

You know what time it is??? It's K-pop time!!

Finally!! K-pop is relevant in my life. f(x)!!!! Fyeahhhh.

 They just releases their album today and I listened to all of them.

It's definitely on the shit list along with BIG BANG's album.

It doesn't help the fact that this Pinocchiosong is nothing compared to Nu ABO. 

In my opinion, Nu ABO was one of the best song in 2010. It was just unappreciated because of Super Junior LAWD-AWFUL song, BONAMANA.

I'm a fan of Super Junior but even I know that song is horrible.

I guess this is what you call underwhelmed.
For example, Girls' Generation was just heading the right direction when they did Genie (which is still my jam) but then they released Oh! . - I hated Oh! when I first I heard the song. But they managed to make me like it with that colourfulMV.

Balthazaarrrr RAWRRR.

Status: I do. I do. I do. Shit. Prince William and Kate wedding fever is getting on to me.
Song: I do by Colbie Caillat.

After that 'My Heart Will Go On' episode, I had to vid about something. ANYTHING related to the episode.

That episode should have been what the whole season is about.
That's what I wanted. Except the morally ambiguous Castiel. I'm not so sure that's okay.

Anyway, as much as I want to just BLOG, BLOG and BLOG about this episode, I made a video.

It's not exactly the best video out there but it's defintely a rare video.

Because it's about Balthazar only. He is to me, the most misunderstood character in Supernatural.

Most people don't like him because they think he's a replacement for Gabriel. Which is bullshit.
Because Gabriel isn't exactly BFF with Castiel.

Unlike Gabriel. He'll do anything for Castiel. Reminds me of Dea…


Status: That ep is better than I expected.
Song: My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. - This song reminds me of Dean/Cas nao.

This post is full of homoerotic contents that your mind will explode. This post is full of EPIC gif that your computer will explode of the sheer awesomeness. This post is full of Supernatural.  Don't like? 
Don't read.
But seriously? Hate Supernatural?
Then GTFO of my blog.

But other than that, DEAL WITH IT. 
ROLL YOUR EYES, GROAN, NAG all you want.

I just watched the latest episode.
It was better than I expected.
I mean, it was funny, dark and heartbreaking at the same time.

My favourite line? Of course, this one.:D :D :D
Hugs, rainbow and puppies all around!!
Dean/Castiel FTWW.
It's canonnnnnnn, bitches.

On the dark side, there is some sort of ship wars going on. Whatever. I ship Castiel with anything. 

Yeah. Dean. He's trying hard to save yo ass, Dean.
I am afraid for Castiel. He chose …

The Man Who Would Be King

Status: LOL. This is not Prince William and Kate wedding post.
Song: King Of Anything by Sara Bareillas.

It's been awhile since I updated.
Not because I'm busy.
Just lack of inspiration and initiative.
It's also might be because I am conflicting with myself, Supernatural, Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black and YGFamily.

This is a 2 in 1 post.

Supernatural post + Other relevant stuff like Bieber and Black = AWF-SOME.

I'm waiting for the newest episode to download and I stumble upon this stills from episode 6.20, The Man Who Would Be King.

From the look of this picture, I and other fans conclude that Castiel is in the ring of fire thingy.
Cas is in Ring Of Holy Fire. OHMYGAWD. WHY?
Why are they trapping my bb ?
Why Dean looked heartbroken and about to cry?

Then, I remember the official synopsis of this episode.

Castiel (Misha Collins) tells Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Bobby (Jim Beaver) about the…

I Don't Even Know

Status: Awww.. I didn't get shortlisted for Petronas Scholarship. Sad face.
Song: Stand By You by The Pretenders.

What just happened at the JPA interview?
Am I that awkward turtle that the interviewers were laughing at my answer?
Did I just blurt out that my hobby involves editting videos? Shit.
Why am I the only girl and the only one who taking Pharmacy courses in that group?

After that weird-life-changing interview, I decided to console myself with Supernatural.

AND. My life is meaningful all over again.
Supernatural wonFan Favourite Sci-fi TV Show. Jensen Ackles wonFan Favourite Actor. Misha Collins won Fan Favourite Non-Human Character.

Yes. My work has done. I voted. And You won.  You're welcome.

OMG. Did anyone saw the video of Jensen/Misha Reenactment a scene from When Harry Met Sally?
Fake orgasm, WTF. Misha, what are you doing?
I love this con, I wish I was Italian.

I Answer You Question

Status: OMG. WTF. I don't even know what to do for the JPA interview.
Song: U+Me= by Dan Black. ~With you, I'm brighter~

I remember the first time I found out there is more than Rated K-> T fanfics in It was mind-blowing.

It felt like a whole new world had opened.

This was me back then after I found out about it:

I'd Ship You With Me

Status: My pick up line, 'If we were in a fandom, I'd ship you with me.' ; D
Song: Off My Mind by Henry.

If you want to play, fill in your pairings of choice before you look at the questions:

Six I love:
Dean/Castiel.Balthazar/CastielDan/BlairLeeteuk/TaeyeonSam/Castiel Jo/Dean.Three I like:

    7. Kyuhyun/Seohyun
    8. Changmin/Kyuhyun.
    9. Ruby/Dean

Three I never liked:

Two that piqued my interest:


1. Why do you dislike #11 (Yonghwa/Seohyun)?

I just don't like them being together. Something about them being together irks me. Although I do like them individually.

2. Who do you know that ships #9 (Ruby/Dean)?

No one. It's not a common pairing. Most fans hate Ruby. Well, technically, they hate Ruby 2.0 not Ruby 1.0. Because Katie Cassidy's Ruby is awesome like that.

3. What would be your ideal scenario for couple #3 (…

2 Weeks Of The Dead

Status: It's time for GIF PARTAY.

I like this guy so much.
He's French.
He has one of the coolest name I've known.
This guy is a huge Twitter whore.
He has an awesome v-neck shirt that only means he has abs.  Only people with abs wear v-neck shirt.
Why did no one told me he's French? WTF. He has that English accent going on.

He's Sebastian Roche.

I swear those boys are being dorks. It's like they just discovered their iPhones have cameras. 

They better not kill off Cas and Balthazar! Or this show and I are OVER.

Which reminds me, 13 days to go until Supernatural.
Now, I have to endure k-pop and its' dramarama.

On to the real topic, I just watched Postman To Heaven.  It doesn't make any sense. Jaejoong is perfection and pretty. I hate that girl, spoiled bitch. This is a very confusing movie. Not gonna watch it again.
I accidentally laughed out loud when Jaejoong said he was an ang…