Then There Was None

Status: Don't think I can survive another 5 weeks without you and my broken mp3.FML
Song: Time Is Running Out by Muse.

My mp3 is officially crazy and broken. I don't know why it had to not function on a month like this. This month is going to be stressful and just depressing. What? With SPM results coming soon and SPN on March hiatus? Yeah. Stressful.
Doesn't help the fact that it is raining heavily with lightning striking every few minutes.

Fuck. My. Life.

Today, there's huge spoilers of what's happening in the end of season 6.
First off, 2-hour season finale that could be the last episode of Supernatural if it isn't going to be renewed for season 7.

I take it back when I said I want this show to end.

I need it so badly. Especially this year. The year of transitioning from school life to college life.
I need stability in my life that is Supernatural.

Secondly, there's 2 unexpected death by the end of the season.
All I could think is Fuck. Shit. Just. Got. Real.

Whose death is unexpected to us fans? I could think of the possibilities.
  • Bobby. Shit. I don't want our grumpy old man to die.
  • Castiel. If this happens, I'm divorcing this show. Cas is the only reason (beside my Dean's-on-off-fangirling) I watch this show. I know I'm not the only one who will rage if Cas died. 
  • Balthazar. Possible. I mean, he could take the bullet for Cas. This show is full of it.
  • Raphael. His death is quite inevitable. It's the only way for the Heaven's War to end. Either Raph or Cas.
  • Ben and Lisa. I hope it's those two because if there's any character I want it to die, it would be them. They were okay back in Season 3, now they are just like cockroaches. You just want to get rid of them in a cruel way. Not that I'm sexist.
  • Mother Of All. She is the villain of this season. Villain needs to die. Although I don't want her to die just yet. She's hot.

Maybe it's Dean and Sam. Not gonna lie. Those two have been dead and alive for few times already. I don't mind.

Although it is least likely that they would kill off characters that have large fanbase like Bobby and Castiel, but this show do disappoint us before. RIP Rufus.

Third, Ben and Lisa storyline unfortunately is still there. Lurking between Heaven's War and Purgatory.

Show, Just. NO. This storyline is way overdue its' expiry date.

On a good news, these two could be the unexpected death. I won't mind then.

Fourth, amulet is not coming back. Not this season.
Kripke joked that contract negotiations with the amulet failed because it was a diva and decided to take a guest gig on One Tree Hill instead. 

In reality, the amulet could forever be in the trash even though it's a trademark for this show.

Things is still sucking like always. However behind every cloud , there is silver lining.

AWWWW. Jensen is fixing Misha's collar and then slapping his ass.

Fangirls will explode by just seeing this moment. I know because I feel like vomiting rainbow.

Aside that, I found out my non-stop voting on TVGuide's Fan Favorite has paid off.

Interviewer: Supernatural has a very passionate fan base […] what are the things that you find most surprising about Supernatural fans, season 6?

Jensen: Um, they’re becoming very vocal which is, great you know, because it’s turning the heads and bending the ears of people who have maybe not been paying attention to us. I mean, we just got back from TV Guide photo shoot, where we got voted Best Show. Um, and, Misha got an award, I got an award. Um, I know they’re not the Emmy’s but they’re the voice of the fans. And I think that says a lot. I’m very proud to be associated with a show that fans are that passionate about.

I'mma proud Supernatural fan. Doesn't care if we could be weird and crazy at times.

So, Misha won an award means he won Best Non-Human character beating The Salvatore Brothers. YEAH.
In your face, vampires.

When Jensen Ackles mean by he got an award could only means he won Best Actor. F-Yeah!

I'm glad at least there's something to squee about and not depressed about.