iPod Wins

Status: Is this for real? Am I having an iPod for real?
Song: IDK.

This is a life changing decision. I know. Everyone wants me to buy iPhone.

What should I buy, iPod or iPhone?
Panda: iPhone but you need iPod.
Bodyguard: iPhone larh.
NinjaTurtle: iPHONE!!
Mom: iPod.
Friend: iPhone, there's an iPod in it.

I have been wanting iPod since the day I bought Zen. I love Zen but iPod always steals my heart.
There was never a time where I would stared at someone's iPod in envy.

Now, here he is in the palm of my hand. And it's perfect.

Of course, I want the iPhone too but I don't use half of the stuff they offer in the phone.

I don't need GPS, or whatever stuff they had in there.

I need a gadget that can plays music and videos. That's all.

Phone calls and texting are what my LG Cookie will do. She's still in a good condition so far. I don't see any reason to replace her with a gadget that's thrice her price.

Which is super expensive even though my mom allow me to buy it with her own money.
I'm not going to buy a gadget that is not worth of its' money.
I hope I don't regret buying you though.

So, here I am with the iPod who I shall name, Dean. Which is obviously after Dean Winchester.

It makes sense to name the iPod after the most awesome guy in TV world.