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Status: I swear I didn't mean it.
Song: Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi. ___________________________________________________

WARNING: This post is for 16 years old and above only. Kanak-kanak ribena tidak dibenarkan baca post ini. NC-17. Rated M. Rated R??

Okay, come on people. Don't act so innocent. I know all of you have been watching pronz and you secretly like it. It's called Guilty Pleasure =>You loved it when you were doing it but you felt guilty afterward.

It's okay to admit. You're not the only one. Boys. Scoff.

Boys and pronz can never be separated. Well, at least most of the boys I knew.

Reply to Ninja Turtle's Post.
Girls, believe me. They will totally turn our fingers back to us when they read Twilight and err.. other romance novels out there. How do I know? I've seen and been through that conversation before. 

Girl: Why do guys love watching pronz?  Boy #1: Like you never watch one.  Girl : I NEVAR.  Boy #2: Girls don't watch pron…

iPod Wins

Status: Is this for real? Am I having an iPod for real?
Song: IDK.

This is a life changing decision. I know. Everyone wants me to buy iPhone.

What should I buy, iPod or iPhone?
Panda: iPhone but you need iPod. Bodyguard: iPhone larh. NinjaTurtle: iPHONE!! Mom: iPod. Friend: iPhone, there's an iPod in it.
I have been wanting iPod since the day I bought Zen. I love Zen but iPod always steals my heart.
There was never a time where I would stared at someone's iPod in envy.

Now, here he is in the palm of my hand. And it's perfect.

Of course, I want the iPhone too but I don't use half of the stuff they offer in the phone.

I don't need GPS, or whatever stuff they had in there.

I need a gadget that can plays music and videos. That's all.

Phone calls and texting are what my LG Cookie will do. She's still in a good condition so far. I don't see any reason to replace her with a gadget that's thrice her price.

K-pop NUGU?

Status: Nichkhun, you said something stupid about Japan Disaster while promoting in Japan. Think with you brain.
Song: Intuition by CN Blue. I love this song.

So, Khun. I read your tweets. Shaking my head at your insensitive comments. I get the first tweet but WTF is the second tweet?

I love K-pop and its' weird people but sometimes I'm surprised at how ignorant they are.

Anyway, K-pop lately is boring and not making any sense.

I am disappoint at how slow and stale is k-pop music lately.

The only song that got me singing along unconsciously is CN Blue's Intuition.~BecauseILoveYou~ Then again, I have a soft spot for CN Blue. Although, I haven't been a fan of Yonghwa since he got married to Seohyun (Not a fan of her either.). Thank God that desperate-for-attention effort has ended. YongSeo my ass.

After looking through the songs of k-pop these days, I have made a conclusion. There's just too many idol groups.…

To Flail Or Not

Status: I'm not even in college and yet I'm already under pressure.
Song: Intuition by CN Blue.

It's not entirely a Supernatural rant. Although I'm still surprise that people will read my blog when all I do is rant about SuJu and SPN.

WHAT? Balthy said to WHO??
Oh, the possibilities.
Dean. *I flail my arms back and forth!!*Sam. *WE ALL NEED SASSY IN OUR LIVES*Rachel the sidekick to Castiel. *Should I hate or not?*AND DEAN. - If it mentions, then it's canon, right?? This fandom will combust by itself and explode into rainbow.
I'm not sure if I look forward to this new episode which is on 15/4/11 in the US.

I mean, it's about Titanic. - The title of teh episode says it all, My Heart Will Go On. -
Balthazar decides that he didn't want Titanic to sink and  so he changes the history. Then, Cas tells the Winchester Bros that they need to kill Fate.

What kind of plot is that?? What the ever-lovi…

Graduating For Real

Status: Who's the one wearing the smarty pants now??
Song: I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders.

I may have freaked out about the results coming out.

It made my heart skipped a beat every time I think about the result coming out.

When the day arrived, I made a playlist in case I didn't get what I wanted.

My 23/03/2011 playlist includes:

Oh, why you look so sad?
Tears are in your eyes
Come on and come to me now
Don't be ashamed to cry
Let me see you through
'Cause I've seen the dark side too

When the night falls on you
You don't know what to do
Nothin' you confess, could make me love you less

I'll stand by you, I'll stand by you
Won't let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you
I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders. Scream by Zac Efron. -Best life-crisis song ever.Why I Like You by Super Junior. - SuJu makes my heart skip a beat for all the good reasons.Vienna by Billy Joel. - THIS SONG …

Girl With The Emo Scarf

Status: Who's the one wearing the smarty pants now??
Song: I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders.

Today is the our Kung Fu Panda's birthday.
She's mostly indifferent about today.

 Her feelings or expressions are usually opposite of mine.
When I'm feeling happy and spazzy, she would be, '-.-'
When she's spazzy, I'm usually indifferent about it.

Jared = Me. Misha = Panda.
I'm pretty sure today is the most weirdest birthday yet.

Sara wasn't even there when the others ate her birthday cake.
She didn't even eat the cake yet.
Vair weird.

Two More Days D:

Status: Chatting with Cleverbot is annoying.
Song: Baby by Henry.

Cleverbot: Okay, so there's this boy. He used to like me and now he doesn't but I like him. What do I do?
User: Sing to him 'You Belong With Me.' Always works.
Cleverbot: You have a point.
User: I know.
Cleverbot: How did you know that?
User: I'm Taylor Swift obviously.
Cleverbot: You're an imposter!


AWWW. Dean, Jensen. Cas, Misha.

I swear the fan girl in me is bound to explode any moment right now.

I want my Supernatural BACK!

I have a mild food poisoning and the result day is two days away.

What if the results isn't up to my expectation? I NEED MY SUPERNATURAL/SUPER JUNIOR.

Super Junior, come back here. 

Guess, Akim is b-boying to CNBlue's Loner. He never said anything about that.

To be honest, not a really good choice of song.

When school ends, I'm so d…

It's A Beatiful Night, I Think I Wanna Marry You

Status: Don't say no, no, no. Just say yeah, yeah, yeah.
Song: Marry You by Bruno Mars.

Is it the look in your eyes,
Or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares baby,
I think I wanna marry you.

Last night was the best night of my life. So far.

To be in the same building with Super Junior is ... I'm just grateful.

To actually listened to them singing in live is a blessing. Really.

I'm not really going to actually write the whole concert because that's tiring and complete bollocks. Hehe. Bollocks.

Most of the concert, I was overwhelmed.

It was so so so surreal. I just want to pinch myself and hope it wasn't a dream.

Because if it was, I don't want to wake up.


I mean it was so surreal because I have always watched them through the tv and my laptop screen.

To have them in front of my eyes even though they were far away from me.
I can hardly see them.

But it was the closest thing to actually be with them.

I cou…

Only 4 U

Status: Crap, results day is getting nearer.
Song: Before U Go by TVXQ!

So far away from where you are These miles have torn us world's apart I miss all the little things I never thought that they'd mean everything to me Yeah, I miss youand I wish you were here. -From Where You Are by Lifehouse-
I miss my mp3 and the boys.I wish the hellatus would just end already. I can't handle my life without my mp3.I need Dean, Sam, Bobby, Castiel and their homoerotic subtext.

Rest In Peace Mr. Zen

Status: Is finding hard time getting adjusted to my non-Zen life.
Song: Singin' In The Rain/Umbrella by Glee Cast.

Creative Zen; August 23rd 2008 - March 17th 2011.

Zen. I regretted for not giving you a name. I should have given you a name.

Zen, you were a good loyal mp3 to me.
You took all the shits I threw at you.
You made me realize the importance of music in my life.
You were there at every moment of sadness and happiness.

I didn't realize how important you were to me until you went out last night, March 17th 2011.

It was a lonely and quiet night, yesterday.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Zen.

Born To Be A Queen

Status: Mp3 is still down. Fuck.
Songs: (In my head) SOS by JoBros.

I don't want to give up on my Zen but it seems like I am.

I'm sorry, man.

This is so far my life-crisis of the week. Fricking mp3.

I think I need a hug. :(
I'm pretty sure it is going to ruin my whole weekend including Super Show 3.
I foresee going through some tough times without my mp3.

I hate my life when there is no Supernatural and mp3.

Today was okay though. Kung Fu Panda, Ninja Turtle and me went to the Curve because we wanted to sing our hearts out.

We did. And it rained. Heavily. Yeah, we're being complete mud-monkeys in RedBox. When I said 'we', I mean 'them'.

That Sri Aman school must have drove them crazy. *nods head*

The laptop is a bit slow today. I can't even type properly.
Sigh. Even laptop is against me today.

I'll post more on another day.


Status: I don't wanna close my eyes, I don't wanna miss a thing!
Song: I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith.

Every time I read or heard news about Japan, I am sad. I want to help them,somehow.

I have always look up to Japanese. They're one of the most calm and coolest people in the world.
Look at how they calm and disciplined they are when the disaster stroked.

Most of us which is the rest of the world would probably running, screaming and starting a riot everywhere if that happens to us.

That's just how cool and awesome of Japanese at handling Mother Nature's Rage.

But most old generations of Malaysians still have something against Japanese.

Not that I am in any way disrespecting old people but I think it is rude to say that those people in Japan deserved it.

Just because the Japanese used to invade and colonize our country doesn't mean they deserved it.

I understand that they are still (butt-)h…

The Death Valley of Zen

Status: I take it back. I officially hate Zen.
Song: My mp3 is ruined! I can't listen to any song!

I seriously feel like pulling my hair out. What the hell am I supposed to do without my mp3?

The mp3 has gotten worse. It just showed blank screen and I can't do anything even though I already reset it over a dozen times. What IS LIFE?

I can't live without my mp3. I don't know if I can afford another one unless I happened to get 9As in my SPM.

Which sucks ass. Because I don't know if I could score all As.

Oh. Zen. Mr Zen isn't feeling so Zen after all. We have been together since August 23rd 2008. It's a miracle how you have stayed by my side for more than 2 years.

I'm sorry when I said you're piece of shit which you are by the way.
I'm sorry when I doubted you and almost threw you away for an iPod.
I'm sorry I didn't took a good care of you when I should.
I'm sorry I ha-


Then There Was None

Status: Don't think I can survive another 5 weeks without you and my broken mp3.FML
Song: Time Is Running Out by Muse.

My mp3 is officially crazy and broken. I don't know why it had to not function on a month like this. This month is going to be stressful and just depressing. What? With SPM results coming soon and SPN on March hiatus? Yeah. Stressful.
Doesn't help the fact that it is raining heavily with lightning striking every few minutes.

Fuck. My. Life.

Today, there's huge spoilers of what's happening in the end of season 6.
First off, 2-hour season finale that could be the last episode of Supernatural if it isn't going to be renewed for season 7.

I take it back when I said I want this show to end.

I need it so badly. Especially this year. The year of transitioning from school life to college life.
I need stability in my life that is Supernatural.

Secondly, there's 2 unexpected death by the en…

I Feel Uneducated Now.

Status: ASDFGHJK. SPN's last episode is Cas-centric??? F-to-the-yeah.
Song: Time Is Running Out by Muse.

I went to the education fair in KL yesterday. It was fairly okay on my part.
It was huge and my legs are still sore from all those walking around.

Doesn't help the fact that everyone keep giving you brochures that I am not sure what to do with all of them. I have a bag full of it. What am I supposed to do?

Anyway, everyone was giving me brochures about medicine, pharmacy, accounting, psychology, language, nursing, education, business, engineering and culinary arts.

And so far, I'm interested in pharmacy because there's Chemistry in it, engineering because I sort-of like Physics, business because I could get super rich, and culinary arts because I can be the next Kim Takgu.

While I was walking around, I saw this Pilot booth. I was like: 'Hey.. I can be a pilot.'

Next thing I know, the person dragged me…

I'll Try To Understand

Status: I'm not sure I'm liking this template.
Song: Falling by Florence and The Machine.

Changing is hard. I don't know if I like this background. It doesn't look that nice. But, I'm just too lazy to change it.

I'm having conflict with a new spoiler from Supernatural. It's about Castiel turning to Dark Side. I mean, it's not really surprising but I don't if I want it.

I'm sure dark!Cas is hot and BAMF but I like Cas being all good. He's an angel, for fish sake.

This was what happened in Season 4, when Sam turned to his Dark Side and made us choose between Team Dean and Team Sam.

I don't want to choose between Team Cas and Team Winchester.


Dreams. Dreams hold a lot of hopes and happiness in the future.

It makes us want to live a little longer when we're on the brink of losing it.
It makes us want to look fo…

Be Safe, Minna-san!

Status: I don't know if I can go on without Supernatural for another 6 weeks.
Song: Does This Mean You're Moving On? by The Airborne Toxic Event.

Life is precious, mina-san, savor it while you can.

I've been editing this video since SPM. Since Sony Vegas has been a bitch to me since December 2010. So I stopped vidding for few months as my muse is lost.

But the muse is back and I redid the whole video because this song has Dean/Castiel relationship written all over it since last year even before SPM started. I tried to make it simple but there's just too many clips in one video.

Another video I made for my cousins in PJ. It was supposed to be family montage but it changed into cousins montage. Errr.. yeah, there's a bit of us bullying those kids. *Kanye-shrug* Can't be helped since the kids are naughty as monkeys.

This video was actually supposed to be a B-boy video for our awesome Bodyguard aka Akim. B…

Anis, I'm Just Kidding.

Status: What the foot? Why is Chuck beating Supernatural?Vote for SPN. 
Song: Obsession by Sky Ferreira.

It's a special day for Anis today. It is her birthday today.

As much as annoying she could be, she's one of the best people I've met.

Just maybe it's because our maturity are at the same level.

She's like one of those girls who likes girls more than boys.

*cues in Ur So Gay by Katy Perry*
~You're so gay and you don't even like girls. ~ ---> Anis' B'day Theme Song.

She's my Facebook BFF, best cousin of 2010, and best cousin of Kr-ugh-bong All-time and Blogger Soul Sister.

Enough about Anis.
Seohyun--> Anis. Taeyeon's time to shine.

And it's also Kim Taeyeon's birthday.

I haven't been her biggest fan but that doesn't mean I don't like her.
She's cute and she's Teukie's girlfriend. Er. In my mind anyway.

She's awesome when she pointed out abou…

Power To The Women!

Status: Shit, son. I'm never going to drive ever again.
Song: Obsession by Sky Ferreira.  ~I WANT YOU TO WANT ME~

On the March 8th,  it's 100th International Women's Day.

Yeah.. There's a women appreciation day.
I feel loved and err appreciated.

I have always been the one who supports gender equality. Men is no less or more the same to me.

I mean everytime someone mentions that pilot is a guy's job, I will forever feel insulted.
Everytime someone mentions that engineering is what guys learn. I feel degraded.

It sucks that I'm interested in the Big Bad Boys World, but that's me. I want to fly. I want to learn more about Physics and Chemistry.

Is it so wrong?

So, yes to the question if someone ever questions my decision based on my gender.

It's like how I can't see any benefits to women in polygamous marriage.

Whatever happened to that true love crap?
Yeah, I be side-eyeing you if you are th…

The Song, HIAM

Status: I know why I love this song now.
Song: Hold It Against Me by Britney Spears.
Hey over there
Please forgive me
If I'm coming on too strong
Hate to stare
But you're winning
And they're playing my favorite song

So come here
'Little closer
Wanna whisper in your ear
Make it clear
Little question
Wanna know just how you feel 

If I saidmy heartwas beating loud
If we could escape the crowd somehow
If I said I want your body now
Would you hold it against me ?

I'm still not over this promo. ASDFFGJHKLKF

I think I know why Ilove love lovethis scene of the promo.

Castiel up against the wall. TEE HEE. *insert girlish giggles* Getting my mind in the gutter for all the wrong reasons.

Of course, this has nothing to do with Dean saving Castiel. Heh.

Of course it has nothing to do with Castiel, an archangel need a human to save him. So vulnerable.

Who am I kidding? This is Castiel. I ship him with everyone.


Walking Up The Street Like A Boss

Status: Just watched the latest episode. Depressed. Is it necessary to kill Rufus?!
Song: Jar Of Hearts by Christina Perri.

I was going to blog about my last Wednesday's trip to mamak stalls. It's not exactly a stall, more like a restaurant. Whatever.

I'm still not over that promo. CAAAAASSSS!!!

I was like:

Why is his hair is like that? Remember when his hair was all over the place? The Castiel fan girls call it Teh Sex Hair. I miss that hair so much.

The latest episode was okay. It was funny and in the end downright depressing. I can't believe they killed Rufus. Seriously show? SERIOUSLY?

Rufus is the best black man on the show. You can't kill him!

On the bright side, Sampa aka Soup aka the boys' dead but somehow alive grandfather is dead.Thank God.

Best lines of the episode:

Sam: “Why are you always talking about Herpes?”
Dean: "What?" Shut up. Shutup"

Rufus: It's not rocket surgery. -LOL. No, R…

So Sue Me

Status: Jared/Misha? I'm tempted.
Song: Dynamite Cover by Alex Goot.

Just watched this promo. I can't believe I have to wait until April 15th for the next new SPN episode. WHAT IS LIFE??? That's like 6 fricking weeks away!

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Castiel's face when Dean sort-of-slashed someone's blood on him. CUTE!!
Of course there's COWBOYS Winchesters. BUT CAAASSS!! I'm going to miss this angel so much.

Psh. BIGBANG can just leave Korea because it seems they're too precious for music shows in Korea.

BoA was out of Korea for 5 years, she didn't demand for 10 minutes performance and BB already had 1 fricking hour on M-net and SBS. What? Did they think BB is the centre of the universe?

Ah. My love-hate relationship with BB/YG is really tiring me out.

What the fuck ever. Fricking Taeyang and friends. --------------------------
Is it really bad that when I searched fan fiction terms,

Ack Less

Status: I'm feeling guilty.
Song: Feeling Sad by Kim Yeon Hee.

I actually had to break my promise because today is Jensen Ackles' birthday.

I almost forgot.

Hope you had a wonderful day. [I did wanted to make a video but then I haven't even finished 3 other videos.]

Oh Gawd. Justin Bieber's birthday is also today?
What is this?