Marry Me, ____

Status: I like the way you talk talk.
Song: Tok Tok by Mighty Mouth.

I'm tired. It's one o'clock in the morning. But I'm still here in this blog when I'm supposed to be on the bed.

Today, after watching the most awesome SPN episode ever, I was forced to go to my cousin's Akad Nikah. Stuff like that.

I wasn't too happy about going to wedding-related event since I hate kenduri and such.

The last time I enjoyed a wedding event was when my mom's youngest sister got married.
I was down with a fever and I get to sleep in the bride's waiting room. BECAUSE IT WAS AWESOME LIKE THAT.

I don't like wedding event. Scratch that, I hate it. Most of the time, the bride and groom doesn't look like themselves. They have lousy songs that I just want to ditch the damn wedding. They have shitty food. There's too many people. I don't even know most of them.

Anyway, I wasn't looking foward to this event. But it turned out alright.

I get to meet Qila and Anis. Haven't seen them in a long time.

Most of the time, we were catching up with each other lives. I'm glad none of us changed that much.

When it was time to go to the bride's house, we hitched a ride with Anis' dad.

Before the car started to move, Qila rolled down the window and told Amin that Anis likes his pink shirt. I added, "Chomel."

In The Car.

It was around 5 minutes drive to the girl's house. It felt like hours though.

Anis' dad suddenly sang a Malay song called Tenda Biru. I have heard the song before.

It's like the Malay version of Taeyang's Wedding Dress. And it is from the girl's point of view.

Tak percaya tapi ini terjadi
Kau bersanding duduk di pelaminan
Airmata jatuh tak tertahankan
Kau khianati cinta suci ini

Tanpa undangan , Diriku kau lupakan
Tanpa utusan . . . Diriku kau tinggalkan

I googled the song, okay?! I don't know the lyrics.

When we heard he sang the song, I was confused. 'What?'
Why would he sang that song?

He said, the song is perfect for Leha - we all know she likes the groom - but since she wasn't here, we will do. He also told us that he sang the song to Anis at first but Anis was like: "NO, daddy. I don't have anything to do with this thing with him. Go sing this to Qila." - in Anis' dad's high-pitched voice.

It sounded just like her. I LOL'ed.

After Qila and Anis begged him to be quiet- ("Daddy, your voice is annoying." "Pak Uda, please. Just please.") - while I sit there like a boss.

He told us that he will post this to his blog and started telling this fairytale.

'Wahai anak-anakku, terdapat sebuah kisah tentang 3 sepupu-eh, 5 sepupu. Pada mulanye, mereka amat gembira. Tetapi *insert dramatic sound* , pada suatu malam..."

It was hilarious. I enjoyed it.

Why did he think we like him? It's not us, it is her who is not present tonight.

After the Akad Nikah Thingy.

We sat at a table and have drinks except for Qila. She ate more rice when we just had one several minutes ago.

At random times, Anis' dad will creep up to our table and smiled at us knowingly. Then, he sang that song. Again.

We saw a cat in the middle of the dinner place. He was like,' Who are these people? How do I get out of here?'  - the cat was stunned. He didn't move. He even took a double take before ran off in random direction.

Fricking cat.

At one point, the groom and the bride came to our table. The groom-slash-our-cousin, introduced ourselves to his wife. But he just introduced her to us without telling her our names.


Qila annoyed at the fact that she's now a nameless girl to the wife, "We have names, you know."

"Hush. You." - the oh-so-dashing-groom. Gag.

When the couple left our table, I asked them, "Would you introduce your future-to-be-husband like that?"

Anis answered, "Nope."

Next thing I knew, they burst out laughing. The happy couple was behind. Crap.

Then, Anis' dad came back, singing the damn song again. Seriously?

When the ceremony was over.

We were heading toward the car when Pak Usu who was in front of us turned around.

He sang some Malay song which I have never heard of.
All I know, we all burst our laughing.
The song probably about one-sided love.

While we were in the car, Qila told us that when she asked the groom about where to put the cake.

The groom told her that she talks too much. In nicer Malay term.

See how this groom is?

 When we got back (Not with Anis' dad singing the same song all over again.), we played with Qila's abused cat, Kakicing.

I think the name is a mix of Kaki and Kucing.

The cat was a fierce bitch. She just bite and scratch me when I accidentally touched the wrong place.

She even tried to pull Anis' hair. It was literally a catfight.

She made some hissing sounds and meowed in life-threatening way.

She has a stare that could kill. 'Just staring at you and hope you die' kind of look.

Scary cat is scary.

Thank God, my cat isn't that much of a bitch. She's just fabulous with her awesome bushy tail.

While this event took more than 5 hours, my cat was in my house with no one and hardly any food.

She's just that FABULOUS CAT.

Have a doggy gif. I run out of cat gifs.