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It's A Hairy Situation

Status: Can you hear the wedding bells?
Song: Tonight by Big Bang.

I always look at guys' hair before anything else.
I judge their attractiveness based on how awesome their hair is.

It's superficial, I know. But I can't help it.

That's how I fell head over heels for Jensen Ackles, Kyuhyun and Castiel.

Except Misha Collins. Misha is a bit different, I may love Castiel's hairstyle but I'm not so sure about Misha's hairstyle. I just like Misha because of his awesomeness.

Which reminds me. Misha's hair in that episode was kind of douchey. Douche or not, I still adore him.

Anyway, I've been told that I won't get any blog update from Anis if I don't update mine. Which is full of crapiosity. I did. Last night, around 2 in the morning.

Now, I have to blog about something.

The wedding ceremony was okay on my 'Wedding-sucks-ass' scale. It was simple yet too chaotic.

Then again, whose …

Marry Me, ____

Status: I like the way you talk talk.
Song: Tok Tok by Mighty Mouth.

I'm tired. It's one o'clock in the morning. But I'm still here in this blog when I'm supposed to be on the bed.

Today, after watching the most awesome SPN episode ever, I was forced to go to my cousin's Akad Nikah. Stuff like that.

I wasn't too happy about going to wedding-related event since I hate kenduri and such.

The last time I enjoyed a wedding event was when my mom's youngest sister got married.
I was down with a fever and I get to sleep in the bride's waiting room. BECAUSE IT WAS AWESOME LIKE THAT.

I don't like wedding event. Scratch that, I hate it. Most of the time, the bride and groom doesn't look like themselves. They have lousy songs that I just want to ditch the damn wedding. They have shitty food. There's too many people. I don't even know most of them.

Anyway, I wasn't looking foward to t…


Status: Depressed. Next week is Supernatural last episode until April.
Song: The Dean and Castiel song. ~DEAN AND CASTIEL SITTING IN A TREE, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.~

I watched the Meta episode. It was like Mystery Spot all over again. Hilarious at first but crying in the end.

I will definitely watch it like gajillion times. So far, favourite episode of Season 6.
I'm glad Supernatural can make fun of itself. Not many shows can do that.

Anyway, this post is probably full of gifs because seriously? Words cannot expressed my feelings right now.

I really like how the episode starts off with Balthazar 'poofing' in on the boys and started to search the house.

Dean was like, "Hey. HEY. I SAID HEY."

Balthy stopped whatever he was doing and said, "I know. You said twice. Good for you." *pats on Dean's shoulder.*

I love Balthazar. Bad-ass with English accent angel. We need more of them.

The episode has some epi…

When Reality Sets In

Status: I need Saturday morning ASAP.
Song: Tok Tok by Mighty Mouth. Cute song.

I've been watching tv shows a lot lately.

If you watch long enough that you have started to follow the story, you became a fan.

TV shows are addicting in their own twisted way.

Most people watch shows because of the storyline, good-looking cast members, and humor.

Throughout my whole life, I've watch Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Death Note, CSI, House, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, The Biggest Loser, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Marriage Ref, Kim Takgu The Baker King, Dream High, Meteor Garden, some Latin soap operas, some Philippines soap operas, Mutiara, Black&White, some Indian soap operas, some Singaporean dramas, some Thailand's drama, Spanar Jaya, Gerak Khas, X-files, Digimon, Slam Dunk and Teletubbies.

There are more than that list. But you get what I mean. All of us had watched tv shows and follow the stor…

Visual Dreams

ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, it's tingly, oh my. ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, I want you, already.

Don't hesitate, my love. Get into my.. CORE.
-Visual Dreams by SNSD-
 I just read the translation. Oh wow.

I just love the girls' voice in this song. They're so cute that I want to eat them up.

But this lyric. So, so, so wrong.
I mean, yeah. The song is about Intel Core. But.. Still...
It sounds dirty.

Now, I will never listen to this song the same again.

Is listening right now.

LOL. Epic song EVARR. 

Ohmygod. BIGBANG's new mini-album has just released!

Tonight was nice to listen.

Too much Taeyang. GTFO. I want moar GD, TOP and Seungri!

Taeyang, there's a reason you have an album called Solar. This is BIG BANG's album, not Taeyang and Friends!

I don't even know why I'm so excited about this. I'm not even a full VIP. Imma ELF!

Apparently, people are loving Cafe. They say it's a bit like Lies/HaruHaru. So, I'mma going to listen to that later tomorrow.

Oh. C…

Let's Dream High

Status: I'm rooting for Budak Kim Takgu like crazy. Screw Taecyeon and his bad acting.
Song: That Dream High song.

This week, I tell you. So full of surprises. Of course nothing will be measured when I'll download the latest episode of SPN.

Even thoughts of the episode sends me into fits of giggles. *TeeHee*

Anyway, I made myself promise not to use my laptop for Monday and Tuesday so that I can focus on two Korean dramas, Paradise Ranch and Dream High.

So far, I'm loving Dream High but there's just too much JYP nation. But I like it because of that Budak Kim Takgu. So innocent.

Paradise Ranch is confusing and boring. But I'll watch it because there's Changmin in it and he plays a guy who is a doucheface and has bad taste in fashion. Seriously?

That scarf around his neck should be burned. Scarf to me is so Gossip Girl Season 1. When Chuck has that signature scarf.

Yesterday, Akim was being extra whin…

Those Ships.

Status: Is this life? Am I really going to watch SuJu performing live?
Song: Don't Go Home by GD&TOP.

I am going to die in jealousy when those boys interacting with fans in rock pitt. But whatever. I'm just going to enjoy the scream and be a troll. I am so going to go like YEAH~~ BIGBANG rocks!!!

Yeah. I keep on trolling and they hatin'.

Anyway, Misha is on MTV's 10 on Top. There's like a clip of the next episode.

Anyway, Real!Misha is playing TV!Castiel playing TV!Misha?? I don't get it. But Misha was funny in that clip.

He threw script papers at Dean and Sam and shouted at them, "You really pranked me! I'm totally going to tweet this one!"

Then in the MTV's interview with his weird hat, he said he had seen Jensen naked. I squealed. Not sorry to say.

Although next week episode is going to be epic, this week episode is just ugh. Seriously, Lisa?

It's not like Dean wants to come …

Weird Things Boys Do

Status: Is in blogging mode. : D
Song: The Curse Of Curves by Cute Is What We Aim For.

I feel like blogging today. As in blogging non-kpop, non-spn stuff. That doesn't happen very often, right?

It's been 4 days since Valentine's Day.

And I'm going to take advantage of the special occasion. Let's blog about the opposite sex. Boys.
I think boys are weird in their own boyish way.
I still don't get why they love talking about football.

Seriously, I know. I sit around boys when I was in school. That is all they talked about.

Boys are like simple puzzle but it feels like solving the Leonardo Da Vinci's code. So simple but complicated.
I have had wild encounters with those species.

There was this guy I knew who went to the same tuition as me. I was waiting for my mom to pick me up.
This guy who apparently felt it is his responsibility to accompany me because it was night and dark.

We were just standing there in silenc…


Status: Shaking and crying right now.
Song: 7 Minutes In Heaven by Fall Out Boy.

I was just about to blog on SS3 and Aida but then this NEWS happened. Now, I am trying my best effort not to blog this.

I tried. And I failed.
I'm sorry, okay?! I'm not perfect! I'll try to make it short!! I promise.

The stills from SPN's next week episode, French Mistake is just... words cannot expressed my feelings.

I don't know what to say. Misha getting hurt? That is so epic.

Ohmaigod. Dean's face when those two kissed. Priceless.


I don't understand people. How can people envy me? Me of all the people in the world? Me? Suhaini Amir? WHY?

Like, seriously? I'm not that pretty, not that smart, not that fashionably awesome, not that legen-wait-for-it-dary, not that weird and definitely not mature. I'm not that awesome enough to be envied by girls and boys.

I did some awful s…


Status: UNF. Kyuhyun is so effing hot. I CAN'T EVEN--
Song: Too Perfect Teaser. This teaser is so epic!

When I watched SJM's Too Perfect teaser, I'm like this.

Kyuhyun (or Kui Xian) is the epitome of perfection! His hair!

I'm going to forgive them this time of those fugly hats.
You know what you should do with those hats?
Take it off and burn them to ground.

Anyway, I was recapping My Bloody Valentine because it is the best thing to do for anti-valentine activities.

Then, of course there's Jensen Ackles. Like effing obvious.
But really, this movie is predictable and cheesy. I usually don't watch this kind of movie.
It sucks.
Maybe it is better in 3D??

I am so tempted to buy this movie. There is JENSEN ACKLES. I feel obliged to buy this.

Anyway, Jensen Ackles played Tom, the killer-slash-crazy guy.
Kerr Smith played Axel, the Sheriff-slash-manwhore.
Jaime King played Sarah, the GF-slash-still not over To…

Hey Romeo

Status: Unfaithful??
Song: Good Day by IU

I am not sure why but I kind of like Dream High.

The drama reminds me of God Of Study. Except GoS literally almost every episode had me in tears.
I miss Budak Nickhun, Budak Sungmin and Budak Shindong. I can't remember the cast names.

I adore Samdong.
His name doesn't sounds nice though. So, I call him Budak Kim Takgu.
He reminds me of Kim Takgu. So naive, innocent and dumb. It takes all my effort not to corrupt guys like him. Seriously, there's Kim Takgu, this Samdong dude, Castiel,..... and all the other guys I can't think of. Sorry.

Boys like that are rare gems. Boys like that can always make you believe anything. Quote from Cinderella's Unnie, " If you say the moon is square, I think it is. If you told me salt was sweet and candy salty, I'd probably drink the salt water and spit out the candy."

If you had guys like that by your side, hold on t…

Valentine's Day

Status: I can't believe I wasted 3 hours on making a k-pop vid.
Song: Hey Stephen by Taylor Swift.

In conjunction with Valentine's Day, I've decided to change the music on this blog.

I chose this song because today is also Sendoh's birthday.

This song and Enchanted are by far my favourite Taylor Swift's songs.

Back when I used to think about Sendoh all the time, I always listen to this song repeatedly. It has now become one of the most played song in my mp3.

Not only that, I used a part of this song as my message ring tone. It is my favorite SMS ring tone so far. 

Instead of Hey Stephen, it's Hey Sendoh.

Hahahahahaha.. Oh my gosh. Those were the days.

Anyway, this song is still my favourite crush song.

My Stephen changes every time I listen to the song. From Sendoh to Kyuhyun to Castiel.

I intent to make this the first song I listen to for today, Valentine's Day.

Unfortunately, my mp3 thought otherwi…

When The Light Goes On

Status: It's the Mistress Aida's birthday today!!
Song: Good Day by IU.

Brfore I blog the main post, let's review the new Supernatural episode, Unforgiven.

Ack! Those spiderman in Supernatural are creepy as hell.
LOL. OhMyGosh, the song 'Love The Way You Lie' will forever be relevant to this show.
Sammeh is getting burned in hell. LOL. Even in hell he still wears those baju kotak.This reminds of someone.
Too many SAMMY/puppy eyes. You can't say no to those puppy eyes.
Dean is awesome with his awesome hair but not important in teh episode. BOO!
In conclusion, Souless!Sam is a slut and any girls who slept with him will die.

Guess whose birthday today is? It's Aida!
Guess whose birthday tomorrow is? Akira Sendoh! Irrelevant. But always relevant in the blog. This blog is named after him anyway.

On Aida's birthday, she got RM500 and tickets to SS3. Lucky bitch. Refer to herblog.

I am pretty sur…

Oppa-ga, joagun~~~~~~ Ottoke?

Status: I just realized something huge. Born THIS WAY.
Song: Born This Way by Lady GaGa / Good Day by IU.

I can't believe we're balik kampung today. Effing. sucks. I have Supernatural episode to watch for Chuck's sake!

I was just about to update my blog later this night. Now, I have to update it in the afternoon. Who the hell update blog on afternoon? Crazy people!

This in one of those moments where I wish this kampung is somewhere more awesome sauce than Kr-ugh-bong. Oh, I don't know... like Pee Jay.

Oh my LAWD. I realized something. I won't be watching the final episode of Jungle Fish 2. Fuuu---

What? But that is one of the best Korean dramas I've watched since Kim Takgu. Nooooo.

On another note, have you listened to Lady GaGa's new song? It was mehh. It was very Madonna-ish. Kind of a letdown. Because I'm pretty sure everyone has huge expectation from Lady GaGa.

The lyrics are cheesy as hell.�…

Harvest The Moon

Status: You know what? I lied, I never tasted taco before. But I'll bet it's mind-blowing.
Song: Dressed To Undress by Breathe Caroline.

 People always asks me. "How come you update your blog that fast?"

I never answer them. Because I'm trying to be the 'Mysterious Chick'.
I think I failed.

I update regularly mostly because I think too much. I'm pretty sure there are two of me in my head.

Possibly more than two. Hmm.

This week has been nothing but hilarious and weird.

I think I have embraced my inner weirdo self. No, seriously.

Maybe it is because of the boredom. Boredom can change you.

AIDA, I am still in a poke wars with Aida. I even waved the white flag,well white towel does count. What part of the white towel don't you understand, Aida?
Stop poking me with your pointy long fingers. 
Your lovingly enemy poke-r.

SARA, Don't ask stupid question. Do your Physics homework. The…

Like A Virgin

Status: Is it me or is HIMYM has been getting popular around here?
Song: Frisky by Tinie Tempah. Hahaha, wkat kind of name is that? Tempah?!

Misleading title is misleading. This is a review of the latest episode of Supernatural and some other stuff. So if you're not interested in SPN, please skip this section.

The next day after I got back from JKT, I downloaded the latest SPN episode. Which is awesome. Like season 2 awesome.

SAMMEH! is back. I miss Sammy and his soulful puppy eyes. I don't think I have ever like Sam this much before.

The episode was hilarious. Dean was being the old Dean again. I thought I'd never see you again. Sniff.

The epic brotherly hug. Made me wanna hug myself. Literally.

The invisible dragon. Where's the friggin' dragon? All I see is two creepy ajusshi locking virgins in a cage.

The quote by Dean, "Virgins, Sammy, virgins." reminds me of  his other quote, "Strip…

Best Fan Song EVAR.

You know what is awesome? This song.

It's a rewrite from a song by The Whomping Willows.

I, shamelessly listen to this song the whole trip to Jakarta. It's addicting.

It makes me very happy. Since I can't watch Supernatural in Jakarta.

I'll update soon with a real post. Till then, people.

What's Up Jakarta?

Status: Great, I'm an engineer, Sara's a psychologist, Aida's a pilot and Akim is Ustaz?!
Song: Cookie Jar by Gym Class Hero. Just I am a cookie whore.

I like to post some Jakarta pictures but then I realized I didn't take any pictures because it was too boring.

I wanted to post something about Jakarta but I'm not feeling it. I will though since the title is about Jakarta.

Although I do want to post about my review on Supernatural latest episode. So tempting. Ahhh....

Anyway, I don't like Jakarta in a weird way. Maybe because of the first impression. My hotel is somewhere in ugly part of Jakarta. So, JKT never appealed to me.

If only we live somewhere much more cooler place in JKT.

I want JKT post to be whiny and awesome at the same time. Which is impossible. I'll try though.

The thing is about Jakarta is that I would enjoy the trip if it hadn't been with the wrong people at the wro…

Anywhere You Go

Status: Oh.
Song: TPL by Anyband.

Today, I was awoken by this loud noise. It's like someone is drumming while playing firecrackers outside my house.

Which is what actually happened. There's a lion dance in front of my house.

Almost everyone in the neighborhood of different race comes out in their pajamas and watched the performance.

Yes, this happens every year on Chinese New Year.

It's these small things that make me love living here in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

To me there is no better place but here.

I Want To Be Someone Else Or I'll Explode

Status: Cries.
Song: Talk Show Host by Radiohead.

Since I won't be here for the next 4 days. I won't be updating my blog. And I don't trust my laptop in Indonesia by itself. So, I'm leaving my laptop behind.

I am going to rant here of my non-Supernatural topics. I am such a considerate person.

Aida, stop fantasizing me with NA---L. It's not going to happen. I won't let it happen.

I am avoiding anyone whose name is Na---l. Okay?!

Psh. I think you are the one who should be with him. Always use my name to cover up the conspiracy.

Tsk Tsk.

I could write you a fanfic as your birthday gift.


On the other side, my delusional SNSD fangirl friend here, is still not over my Taco joke. It's a joke.

Get over it.

Go update your blog.

And have a taco. It's tasty.

This gif is driving me crazy.  Anyway, I made a decision to post a little behind the scene picture those two trolls have been posting on twitter.
Who is thos…

It Involves A Lot Of Whining.

Status: Why won't you people update your frickin blog?! Asked me to update, but look at yours.
Song: Animal by Neon Trees. My Favourite Random Song Of The Year.

You know what is not fair in this stupid unfair world?! ME not able to watch Supernatural premiere.

Which sucks hell. Because it involves dragon, virgins, real!Sam and CASTIEL.

*Waving fist at the world.*

 Screw Jakarta and strangers. I am so going to be the next bitch spoiled brat and be a bitch to the people there.

Anyway, Supernatural is making me think vair wisely. Err.. Acting Abilities wise.

Supernatural is up for TV Guide Mag Fan Favourite Awards.

Favorite Sci-Fi TV Show. (Supernatural FTW)Favorite Actor ( Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki)Favorite Villain (Crowley or Lucifer)Favorite Non-Human Character (Castiel) Obviously, I am voting for Supernatural for Fave Sci-Fi show.

But I am thinking about Jensen Ackles vs. Jared Padalecki and... errr... vs. Ian Somerhald…