You Just Need To Hush Now.

Status: Bored and stuck with kids. I am going crazy and depressed.
Song: Love Me Dead by LUDO. I miss this song so much. ~love me cancerously~

I am definitely addicted to finding new songs or videos everyday. My life feels incomplete without it.

This totally means I am in need of a job. And my mom is talking me into some lame English class. As if I couldn't speak English.

Supernatural Gif!!! Pictures, Images and PhotosI can, by the way, just that I get easily tangled up with my tongue. It is the same with speaking Malay. I would like to blame the family for speaking Malay all the time. Hello?

The people who I grew up with me hardly speaks English and now they're forcing me to speak?

This family, I tell you, is giving extra depressed stimulants to me. Not that I needed any of it. I am depressed. My schoolmates are either going to college, PLKN, deferring PLKN by going to college or working. Here I am, not doing anything. It was awesome at first but then it got kind of boring.

Like deathly boring. Wish 28th January will come already. I hate this Hellatus.

On the contrary, I just found out SS3 Malaysia is not really that confirmed. SM hated Redstar for organizing the stupid JYJ showcase. So, they removed Redstar from organizing SS3. Now, rumors are circulating that SS3 may possibly get cancelled.

I am surprisingly not emo-ing about this. I am even shocked at myself. I just did not give a damn. Could Super Junior  possibly be just a fling?? Is K-pop turning me off? Do I even like Super Junior now?

I don't know.
 Maybe it is because of those overwhelming those sexy-ish, weird, intelligent, hot, shirtless boys? If you know what I MEAN.

Damon Waving Hello Pictures, Images and Photos The possible suspect.I just want to swipe off that smirk from his face.

Anyway, I think it is because of this video I couldn't stop watching. It's a quite old video. But I love it. Because there's like lots of shirtless guys *Jensen And Jared mostly, I think*The song is by Ke$ha. Have been humming to this song today.

Don't watch if you side-eyeing boys going shirtless. 
Or if you are a dude, unless you're gay.

Okay, honestly, I watched this video countless of time is not because of shirtless guys. Mostly not.

I'm not that into guys with no shirt on. Unless that guy happen to be Ian Somerhalder, Penn Badgley, Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki.

The reason is mostly because of the young Misha Collins.
 He was so hynotizing. Well, it was more like he was hypnotized. He got his shirt buttoned down. Get to peek a bit of his body. Not so muscly but lean. I see.

Anyway, I am determined to find this clip later and watch the whole show (or movie?). Now, I have a mission to complete. Finally.