I Write You Up

Status: I am not ready to drive!!
Song: Booty Call by Kesha.

Earlier this morning, like really early in the morning, 1:30am, I stayed up until 3:00am for My Bloody Valentine.

FINALLY. I have watched the movie and be a proud Jensen Ackles fan. Oh Gosh, Jensen Ackles is hot in it, even though he is the crazy, delusional killer. Thank Gawd, they didn't kill his character.

It is so not his fault he is crazy, I would too if I were him.

You know who should die and not have a stupid happy ending? That stupid friggin sheriff Axel. He's cheating and he's jealous when he saw Jensen Ackles ImeanTomHanniger talking to his wife.

He doesn't even have a right to be jealous scumbag. Huff. Stupid movie be stupid. Flawless Jensen Ackles ALWAYS be flawless. 

Most of the time, I was online searching about the movie using the PSP and texting Aida <I kinda force her to watch with me>. I didn't exactly watched the movie unless there's Jensen Ackles on my screen. I love his different hairstyle. It is different, OKAY?

On the bright side, SS3 is officially on March 19th. I am waiting, Super Junior.

On the dark but somehow bright side, Death Note will have an American version.

I am not sure if this is a good news because American tends to ruin original version. Look at what they did to Dragon Ball? I don't think I will ever look at Dragon Ball the same again.

Death Note is currently a trending topic on Twitter worldwide. I miss L dearly. But I can't have my heart broken again. I can't see L dies again in American way.

That would be too cruel. I had gone through that 'Mourning L' phase. Not going through that again.

Who the eff can play L or Light? I can't imagine anyone can. Just leave my DEATH NOTE alone.

Death Note, Slam Dunk and Digimon are forever my favourite mangas/animes.