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It's A Souless Thing

Status: What?!- I can't even-.. Why?!
Song: Only Girl by Rihanna. Why does this song makes my heart go pitter patter?

Oh God, I just realized my Hotmail email account got hacked or something like that.

That's what you get when you don't sign in your email account for the whole year.

So, what should I do? SPM is getting nearer. This is no time for me to worry about some lame ass email account that I haven't used since forever.

Yes, Jensen Ackles, I promise I won't ditch you for sleep like last time. It's not exactly my fault that you're always on around 2 in the morning.

So, for getting rid of this guilt, I am going to watch My Bloody Valentine at 2 in the morning in HD. Yeahhhh.. Jensen Ackles on the screen in HD.

Uhh.. I should be studying. However, I can't.

Ever since I found out about this Castiel and Meg. Is this even possible? I thought she was dead. I mean Castiel literally stepped on her last season.

I approved. So…

You Are My First Love

Status: Whatever laptop, you shut down on me again, I will throw you into the sea.
Song: Sorry, Sorry by Super Junior.

Super Junior, you could probably be the last thing I'll be blogging about until SPM ends.

Today is their 5th Anniversary. They debuted in 2005 and with Kyuhyun in 2006.

Some people may said that 13 [or 15] is too much. That it is the epitome of 'Quantity over Quality.'

Yeah, they may not be living up to their popularity. Some critics called them' the worst idols ever to debut'.

And yes, their songs sound a bit well mostly nonsense. Really? Sorry Sorry? Bonamana?

Obviously, they are not the BEST likeDBSKor BIG BANG or SS501.

Moreover, some of the members of Super Junior are just plain talentless and unlikeable.

I may have known them for over a year now, but they have been there when I'm depressed.

They make me laugh with their failness and dorkyness that I probably sneered at if I hadn't knew them.


Few More Weeks. I'll be gone

Status: Humans are so low sometimes.
Song: Body by The Servant.

I love Dean and Castiel.

You’ve got to take your mind off him,
But not with aspirins
You won’t,
You won’t let your family in.

When you don’t know what you want,
You end up finding that you haunt your own
Your own life. -Body by The Servant-

This song that I'm currently listening to non-stop for 2 days fits this article I read today. It's about this girl who spoke out about an idol raping her years ago.

I don't want to go and said the rumor is true or false because I don't really know.

But if it is, then the dude (Some Co-Ed's member) should go to jail and die there.

But if it isn't, then, the girl should check into mental hospital.

Because to me, this is no funny topic to play with or make fun of.

Because there are actual some low scumbags who rape for the heck of it in this dying world.

Imagine, if you find out the one who raped you years ago is currently idolized by th…