Shush, Hoot.

Status: Jensen Ackles's voice is going to be the death of me. *SCREAMS*
Song: Exit Wounds by The Script. I officially LOVE The Script.

Who else cannot wait for SNSD's comeback? I do.

At last, a relevant artist is making a comeback. I thought K-Pop has gotten boring. What? Did you expect me to get me squeal over 2PM new lame song.

I thought Without U's dance routine was so un-manly. You should see I'll Be Back's dance routine.

Yes, stomp those feet to the exit with your fugly make-up, boys. Show me some manly dance like back in those Heartbeat days.

Since I am uninterested in Kpop these days, I have gone back in full mode as Supernatural fangirl.

Jensen Ackles will forever be my number one hottest guy. With those pretty long eyelashes and those hypnotizing green eyes.

He's a director now. I won't mind being directed by Mr Ackles.

While I'm waiting for the Twilight episode to be downloaded, I am going to blog about my trials result.

*in with the rolling drums*

BM: 70. Is it me or is my BM getting worse? Uh-oh.

Engrish: 78. I am surprised. I wasn't born to be good in language area. So, I am satisfied with the mark.

Maths: 99. Unchanged. It was a stupid mistake. I used a wrong scale for the graph plotting. Se-tu-ped!

Agama: 82. Kind of awesome for someone who still got 0 for Jawi and Ayat Hafazan. Epic.

Sejarah: 83/85? Can't remember. Oh, the irony of life.

Add Maths: 68. *sigh* Never change Ass Maths.

Physics: 80. I am shocked at this unforeseen event. Physics, you solve everything with logic and I kind of like you.

Chemistry: 78. Yes, I am liking this subject.

Biology: 65. I may have screwed the paper 3. So, I could have gotten myself an A.

Overall, I am satisfied with the results. Sort of. 7As and 2B? Not bad.

Oh look at that, my Supernatural's Twilight episode has completely downloaded. Yay!