Because Of You, My Body Wants You.

Status: Can't believe I haven't been online for 3 days.
Song: Breathe by Miss A. I don't care. I stan Miss A so effin' much.

Trials was vair unbelievably gawd awful.

How can they make Biology and Add Maths questions that difficult??

Are they trying to kill me?

Well Mr. Trials, you can't.

I am going to shove all your hard stupid questions back into your throat and make you choke on it.

There's still Chemistry and Physics. 2 more to go. Go Me.

On to Kpop dramarama news.

I think I like Co-Ed. Sort of.

I love Miss A new song, Breathe. It gives off Indonesian vibe to me. But, I like the dance routines. So cute. Suzy is precious.

I like SHINee's Hello. It was a bit boring. The dance was nothing special. I like Jonghyun now.

Beast's Soom . Haven't heard it yet. [Not that interested in Beast. So whatever.]

BoA's Copy And Paste was awesome for the first 30 seconds. Then, I got bored.

Shoujo Jidai.I mean, Girls' Generation's Japanese version of Gee. It was meh. Just that I like Korean version better.

In other word, I'm getting Astro B.Yond. As in HD. Except my tv isn't actually HD. But whatever.

At least I'm get to watch Supernatural on tv. In HD. HD.