Ikea, Daim Cakes and BM

Status: Ikea, the never-ending mall. You could get lost in there.
Song: Boy Hunter by Skye Sweetnam. Get On Your Knees, Hands Up, boy.

Gawd, BM, why are you like this?

My mind went blank when I read the questions. I think I am not going to score well in this test. And it's trials for Facebook's sake!

The KOMSAS questions were awful. So awful. Did they really think I would read that 'Jangan Bunuh Rama-Rama' drama?

It's stupid and no one can understands it.


I'm not an excellent student when it comes to BM even though I speak and breath BM. It's a huge shame.

But really, one of my weakest point in BM is peribahasa. Ugh. I never understand peribahasa.

The question goes something like, 'sanggup membuat sesuatu untuk kepentingan sendiri walaupun menyusahkan orang lain..' Find the most suitable peribahasa.

I knew the answer is somewhere in my head but I just can't seem to phrase it out.

After much of consideration, I have decided to make my own peribahasa. Seperti kutu di kepala. Epic idea.

Then, in my essay. I think I screwed up my essay so bad it is beyond repair. To somehow control a bit of the damage, I made a gurindam. That was hilarious. Since I almost let out a snort while writing it.

Kesihatan perlu kita utamakan,
Sebelum kita dikebumikan.

Oh. BM. Never change.

After that horrendous exam, my family [Mom and sisters] and I went to Curve to get something to eat.

Ahh.. just the usual weekends except it wasn't on weekends and exam is still ongoing. But whatever.

Across the Curve is Ikea. I ah-dore Ikea with a passion.

Those pretty showrooms. The smell of woods. Those daim sweets.

What is there to hate in Ikea? I could actually live there. Literally.

My sisters and I decided we pretend that the pretty bedrooms with its' own pretty little bathrooms are ours.

Comparing our bathroom to their bathrooms is like comparing public toilet to 5 star hotel's bathroom.

There are like tens of bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms and walk-in closets for us to explore.

Time flew so fast that by the time we reached the kitchen section, I was missing my tuition class. Oh well.

Ikea is always huge to me. The place seems like it never ends. You won't know the feeling unless you're there. Believe me.

Pretending in Ikea is one of the common things to do. Because I love the scene in the movie 500 Days Of Summer featuring Ikea.

It was probably the best place a guy could take you out on a date. At least in my opinion.

500 days of Summer - Ikea

I love this movie. It is so different than the others like Inception. Definitely one of my favourite movies.