Run Devil Run

Song: Copy and Paste by BoA. I like.

I love this song. My favourite song of SNSD. Though I don't think I will be listening to it for weeks.

It is the song that best describe with the saying, 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.'

I realized that we did this parody/cover in fasting month. Thumbs up for our dedication to this song. 3 days in a row. How about that??

I actually don't want to make this video. Because of my laziness and lack of inspiration.

I rather make videos of Dean than making this video. Because it was just so boring and uninspiring.

The last 10 seconds was pure randomness/[ laziness shown at its best.]

I had problem with the coloring of this video. Nothing suits the song or the video coloring. I hate it. Because I just started to get hang of making pretty coloring.

So, I ended up making it looked like that.

Oh. And it is in HD. Sort of. Took hours to render it in HD. 128MB is HUGE.

My internet connection is being a bitch today so I had to upload it twice. That took like 2 hours.

So, you better appreciate my effort of doing this video, Bush.