Raya, Should You Be Missed?

Status: Twin posts.
Song: Under The Sheets by Ellie Goulding.

Oh Raya. I hate Raya. I love Raya. I love Raya so much that I hate it.

I can't wait for Raya to come and sweep me off to foodland.

But I dread it as those loud scary fireworks blows up, it could be World War 3, for all I know.

But then again, I just hate Raya because of those waking up early in the morning routine. I can sleep for how long I want. Why are you up in my business, bitches?!

Besides that, I hate Raya because of the early morning cold [oh-so-cold] shower. Why can't they install those water heater?! It's not 1990s anymore, fellow Malay people. So Malay of us.

I hate Raya because I had to wear those far from comfortable baju kurung. It's not like I will wear baju kurung any other time of the year. [Raya is the only good reason why I still wear those] It will just rot in my closet. Like those skinny jeans that I vowed not to wear ever.

I hate Raya because it reminds me SPM trials is looming near. And I couldn't finish my form 4 Chapter 4 Bio without making the Zzz noise. Gawd, just imagine how mindbogglingly boring it is to revise Chapter 7 and 5 of Biology. Why would I give a damn about how we breath?!

I hate Biology. Why am I in pure science class? Wae?

I hate Raya because of those unfamiliar family members you don't even know. I didn't know I have nieces and nephews. I don't even know their names. Who are you children?

I hate Raya. But I lurve Raya.

I love Raya because of those mouth watering food and I can eat everything up without a care in the world because I won't get fat like other people. Yet.

I love Raya because it's the only excuse I can use to not study Biology. No one wants to study Nutrition while Rayaing.

I love Raya because of the girls. What would I do without chu?

I love Raya because of those annual lunch at hotel. Those food are waiting to be eaten by me.

I love Raya because it's the only holiday that I celebrate. It's not like I can celebrate Chinese New Year or Christmas without those Malays chided me for going against my religion. So much for 1Malaysia. [It's not like I believe in other religions, it's just that I respect the holidays.]

We don't even sing the Raya songs when the non-Malays sing like they are celebrating it.

I got 'Selamat Hari Raya' greetings more from my non-Raya celebrators than the Raya celebrators themselves.

I love Raya because of those distant memories of those overrated Raya songs. Just listening to them made me smile.

I love Raya because it is the only time you will see unfamiliar family members that you never heard of (or probably forgot about).

Like I said before. I love Raya but I hate Raya.