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Run Devil Run

Song: Copy and Paste by BoA. I like.

I love this song. My favourite song of SNSD. Though I don't think I will be listening to it for weeks.

It is the song that best describe with the saying, 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.'

I realized that we did this parody/cover in fasting month. Thumbs up for our dedication to this song. 3 days in a row. How about that??

I actually don't want to make this video. Because of my laziness and lack of inspiration.

I rather make videos of Dean than making this video. Because it was just so boring and uninspiring.

The last 10 seconds was pure randomness/[ laziness shown at its best.]

I had problem with the coloring of this video. Nothing suits the song or the video coloring. I hate it. Because I just started to get hang of making pretty coloring.

So, I ended up making it looked like that.

Oh. And it is in HD. Sort of. Took hours to render it in HD. 128MB is HUGE.

My internet connectio…

500 Days Of Sony Vegas

Status: Just watched The Soloist. It is sort of gay-ish relationship kind of story. I like.
Song: Boy Hunter by Skye Sweetnam. I love this song.

I don't really know what I should be doing at this time of hour. It's late.

I should be studying.

But guess what? Sara just update her blog. Confetti!! It's a parade!!

Guess everyone had their own perspective of Raya 2010.

I am definitely not done with Raya. As in 'I wish I could go back in time and change everything.'

But I can't.

And Supernatural Season 6 premiere is a disappointment. The fact that Dean rather be with ~Lisa~ than Sam is completely not okay, OKAY?!

Though Lisa is sort of okay (Love her when she said Dean is amazing in bed and called him an idiot.*insert girlish giggles* ) but she is still not my favourite SPN girl. Bela, Blonde!Ruby and Jo are so much better than her. At least they can kick Dean's ass. Not ~Lisa~. I love Dean's nightmare though.

I can'…

Ikea, Daim Cakes and BM

Status: Ikea, the never-ending mall. You could get lost in there.
Song: Boy Hunter by Skye Sweetnam. Get On Your Knees, Hands Up, boy.

Gawd, BM, why are you like this?

My mind went blank when I read the questions. I think I am not going to score well in this test. And it's trials for Facebook's sake!

The KOMSAS questions were awful. So awful. Did they really think I would read that 'Jangan Bunuh Rama-Rama' drama?

It's stupid and no one can understands it.


I'm not an excellent student when it comes to BM even though I speak and breath BM. It's a huge shame.

But really, one of my weakest point in BM is peribahasa. Ugh. I never understand peribahasa.

The question goes something like, 'sanggup membuat sesuatu untuk kepentingan sendiri walaupun menyusahkan orang lain..' Find the most suitable peribahasa.

I knew the answer is somewhere in my head but I just can't seem to phrase it out.

After much of considera…

Someone Like You

Status: I don't want to go to school.
Song: Hero by Nickelback. And they say that a hero can save us. I'm not gonna stand here and wait.

I just realized that Koreans love talking about ideal person.

So, I'm sure you're all curious about my ideal guy. (Or not.) No, it's not Jensen Ackles. He's way out of my league.

I don't really care about having the need to find 'true love'. I don't have that dream of wanting to marry.

Don't you get sick of seeing the same person for the rest of your life? It's like having gum stucked on your shoes for the rest of your life.

It's annoying.

When I was a kid, while every other girls are dreaming about being a princess and finding their charming prince, I was dreaming about being a girlfriend of a rock star who everyone adores. That's about it. Before that dream changed into me wanting to be CSI.

As I grow older, I believe I was born to be something…

House Is Open

Status: Watching Super Junior's No Other MV on MTV HITS! It's a HIT.
Song: Take A Bow by Rihanna. You look so dumb right now.

Can't believe Qila made a 'facebook' friend using my account. Geez. That's the last time I'm logging in Facebook with her around.

I am definitely planning to meet Jensen Ackles or Misha Collins before I die. How can they be so flawless??

This reminds me that no one can beat my hottest guy in the world, Jensen Ackles.

Misha Collins on the other side is weirdly attractive in a weird angel way.

I'm thinking it is because of his blue eyes. So pretty.
Maybe it's the trench coat. Guys with trench coat are always hawt.
Maybe it's his sense of humor.

He looked so serious that you believe everything he says. Really.

Like the the time he said 'The set at Supernatural is really depressing.'

I actually believed it. Then I am reminded that this is Misha Collins. Witty bastard.

I like him. And Jense…

Melaka, I Love You.

Status: So is PJ.
Song: Dismissed by Uffie.

After days of reminiscing Raya, I don't think it is that bad.

It just started with the wrong side of ... well... Raya. Bed.Whatever. I am not in the mood of making up new idioms.

Raya ended with a nice BFFery moments with the girls despite we sort of drifted away for few days.

I mean, the hanging out in err.. some Malacca mall? It was okay on my 'Girls' Day Out' scale.

Too bad the mall doesn't have karaoke. It would be more awesome if they do.

But you know what is awesomer than that, checking out the guy at Coffee Bean. Can't be helped, the dude was good looking. The only thing was he had his eyes on the laptop.

Not us.

Serious-leh? We were giggling like bunch of teenage girls [we are.] and he does not noticed us.

We even took picture of him. Another genius idea of mine. This brain ain't going nowhere.


At night, I was dragged into this 'Career Talk' by …

I Am Ready.

Status: I AM READY.
Song: Go Away by 2Ne1.

September 24. I am ready.

BoA new song is going to be released on September 24.
Supernatural Season 6 premieres on September 24.

This video is made of awesome.

Shirtless Sam doing pullups? Oh yes.

Cas jumping out of the window? Uh-huh. My favourite angel in the heaven iz back!!

Lisa possibly getting thrown against the wall? YES! Buh-Bye Dean's future wife. I hate you.

Jensen Ackles, I love you and your hair. Ah-dore!

Viewer no 1: If you love this show, you love hell. May God send you to the farthest level beneath Hell.

Viewer no 2: Is Dean Winchester going to be there? If so, I won’t mind.

That's right! No one beats Supernatural. Ever Super Junior haven't reached this level of awesomeness. Anyway, it is just a tv show. Why so hypocrite?

Been watching this show since I was 14. That's like 3 years. I am so proud of this show.


Status: No inspiration for making video for RDR. Help~~
Song: Airplanes by B.O.B feat Hayley.

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky like shooting star?
I could really use a wish right now.

Second day of Raya start with a seriously annoying voice and those repeated words that I am so sick of. 'Anak Dara'. So what if I'm anak dara? Does that mean I have to wake up early? Does that mean I have to be a women now? How come boys don't have to wake up early??

I wish I was a boy. But then again, I couldn't imagine liking any girls except Amber. My lesbian crush. Amber should be a boy, I'm telling you!

It didn't get any worse when we're late for the annual lunch. Oh, and those ugh-comfortable shoes.

Since Qila and Leha came early, they hung out with their moms. We actually ate (More like shoving food into my mouth.) more dessert rather than an actual lunch. Whatevs. I'm cray cray fuming by the time I arriv…

Raya Gave Me 2DT

Status: SMTown '1o 3D movie? Hell to the yes.
Song: Jagiyah by TRAX.
WARNING: This post may offend people, may looked a little bit messy. But that is what my mind is going through. Stop reading.

Raya was not at its best. It was definitely one of the worst. But not the worst.

Rayaing in Malacca for 17 years. Never in KL.
This Raya made me miss KL. In a way.

I mean, I could never stay in Malacca for too long. Too small for a city girl like myself. Obviously. No internet, no shopping malls, no astro and ugh... those bitchy kampung people.

Kampung people are just loud and a pain in the ass sometimes. I have the urge to roll my eyes everytime someone screeching my name and those god-awful nicknames. Though they do have wicked sense of humor if you understand their language.

City people are completely different. They are well not that loud, have decent sense of humor and just civilised people. Of course there is hardly no commotion and a bit boring.


You Left Bloodstain On The Floor

Status: Nah. Update. 2 kali.
Song: Love 2012 by 3Oh!3.

Counting days till Raya. Counting days till Sept 24. Counting days till SPM.

Should be studying. But iz lazy. Always will.

Oh. Katy Perry's song, Peacock is stuck in my head right now.

I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock
Your peacock, cock
Your peacock, cock, cock
Your peacock

Yeah, Katy, keep singing that song in my head. A peacock might appeared in front of me. Not that I know why would it appear in front of me.

I feel like MinWhoring Hae too, Minho. But you're probably too busy whoring yourself to BoA right now.

Even though you knew Jonghyun totally has hots for BoA too. Ugh. This Minho-BoA-Jonghyun love triangle is so weird.

You Can't Cheat Death.

Status: Nah. Update.
Song: Peacock by Katy Perry. I wanna see your pea. cock. cock.

Oh, Death.

Won't you spare me over til another year?

But what is this, that I can't see
with ice cold hands taking hold of me

When God is gone and the Devil takes hold,
who will have mercy on your soul?

Oh, Death.

Raya, Should You Be Missed?

Status: Twin posts.
Song: Under The Sheets by Ellie Goulding.

Oh Raya. I hate Raya. I love Raya. I love Raya so much that I hate it.

I can't wait for Raya to come and sweep me off to foodland.

But I dread it as those loud scary fireworks blows up, it could be World War 3, for all I know.

But then again, I just hate Raya because of those waking up early in the morning routine. I can sleep for how long I want. Why are you up in my business, bitches?!

Besides that, I hate Raya because of the early morning cold [oh-so-cold] shower. Why can't they install those water heater?! It's not 1990s anymore, fellow Malay people. So Malay of us.

I hate Raya because I had to wear those far from comfortable baju kurung. It's not like I will wear baju kurung any other timeof the year. [Raya is the only good reason why I still wear those] It will just rot in my closet. Like those skinny jeans that I vowed not to wear ever.

I hate Raya because it reminds me SP…

Oh Naye Yeoshin. Oh My Goddess

Status: Raya is less than a week away.
Song: Oh My Goddess by TRAX. Best TRAX song ever!

Just updating because a certain fish asked me too.*shrugged nonchantly*

Just finished watching Supernatural Season 5. I sort of love hate the ending. It seems so abrupt.

I actually like the Lucifer vs Micheal storyline. Too bad it ended just like that. Micheal and Lucifer, you will be missed. I love Lucifer which is wrong [So so wrong] because you're suppose to hate the devil. B-b-but he made me have sympathy for him. The whole Daddy issue was genius. Whoever wrote the part for Lucifer is a GENIUS.

Thank God Castiel is back for season 6. I don't know how I would live without my favorite angel in the whole heaven throughout season 6 with Dean/Lisa crap going on.

He even has his angel mojo back. He's back to being an angel. My heart goes dugeun dugeun for you.

This is probably the second best season of Supernatural after Season 2. Hawt Dean. Funny episode…