Ghost, Ghostfacers.

Status: Bile nak Raya?!
Song: Love Love Love by FT Island. Love it.

I love Supernatural to death. Like seriously. But after stalking on a Supernatural OhNoTheyDidnt community (Yes. I just love those ONTD and OMNTD websites), I realized that Season 6 doesn't look so interesting. OMONA, OHMYGOD, OHMONDIEU. September 24 is just weeks away!

I mean the spoilers. Ugh. Times 10.

No, Producers. You can't just hook Dean up with ~Lisa~. Everytime I heard the name Lisa, it reminds me of Lisa Simpson. Like serious-leh, No means NO.

There are like hundreds of girls I like Dean to hook up with. But Lisa is not one of it. She doesn't seem like Dean's type. She's not that hot or that tough to be Dean's girl. Nuh-uh. Oh. And she has a kid. That makes perfect sense. NOT.

Why did they have to kill Jo off?! It's so mean. Obviously, Jo and Dean have better chemistry than Dean and ~Lisa~.

Whatever. Since they killed off all the hot badass chicks, I guess I'll support Dean with Castiel now. It's the forbidden love. Hah. I just made an inside joke. Iz a genius.

"Cas, not for nothing, but the last person who looked at me like that...I got laid." - Dean.

Best. Line. Ever. Not to mention, he winked at Castiel. Ahh. This is probably the next best thing they could have done before ruining the show with ~Lisa~ thing.

Oh. And I think I'm starting to ship Taejo with Kim Takgu now after watching the new episode of King Of Baking.


I was awed by their new found admiration of each other. Too bad, the relationship sort of end that very episode. The betrayed look on Kim Takgu's face. Priceless.