May Angels Lead You In

Status: Could it be...??
Song: See Through by Sofi Bonde. A new English song. At last.

I am pretty much 100% sure, I love Supernatural. Supernatural brings a whole new level of awesomeness.

I totally kill myself if I actually stop watching the show.

I sort of did. Because of those K-pop fandoms. Whatever, kpop. You may go to the left now.

Err. Not entirely hating on Kpop right now. Just that, there's this dark side of kpop fandom that I hate.

Like everyone is so anti-f(x) just because Sulli and Krystal have attitude problem. Or Eunhyuk is a douche. HEY. They're human too. They're not perfect, okay. So are YOU. So stop being butthurt about it like you never had any of those problems.

Everyone has the inner bitch.

This overreacting from the fans got me turned off by kpop for awhile.

Have you guys heard Seohyun and Kyuhyun held hands at SMTown'10? Almost all fangirls are bashing Seobb. Uhh.. have it ever occurred to them that Kyuhyun isn't theirs? If they are real, I still love Kyu.

So, I kind of venture to the Supernatural fandom. It's either Supernatural or Gossip Girl. Too bad, the only thing that will bring me back to GG is only if Dan/Blair hooks up.

So, Supernatural it is. Bought the whole Season 5 box set.

For 2 days, I've watched 14 episodes, and stopped myself. Cuz I really wanted to watch it throughout the fasting month. It was just that good. Even Paris Hilton being on the show was so cool. She actually said something smart.

And I didn't know I missed a lot of news about them. I didn't know Jensen Ackles (Dean) is married to Danneel Harris or the fact that Jared (Sam) is married to Genevieve (Ruby S4). Like what the hell???

Just like that, Supernatural never left. Dean Winchester is still the hottest guy in the world along with the hottest angel in err.. heaven, Castiel.

Especially Castiel. Something about Castiel gets me in heaven-land. I was not really here this whole week even though it's my birthday. Castiel is like the best gift ever.

Is it because of his looks? No. Dean is so much hotter.
Is it because of his sense of style because I totally dig guys with suit and tie. So hot.
Maybe it is because of his innocent- angelic- awkward personality.

Obviously. He's so awkward. And yet funny. In angel's way.

It's Mischa Collins's (Castiel) birthday today. What a coincidence.

Been watching this video everyday. I like their relationship.