Like Tick Tick

Status: Supernatural fandom, here I come!
Song: ET (Futuristic Lover) by Katy Perry.

After watching like tons of Supernatural fanvids, it is normal for me to feel inspired to make one after 1 year hiatus.

I still don't believe that I have 100 suscribers. I'm not that good. Hohoho.

It's super short. Like 25 seconds short. This video took me like 5 hours to make it. I was trying out colouring and finding clips. Well, mostly I just rip my dvds.

But still, I had limited clips of Sam. I never thought I would vid the whole show. I used to vid Dean and Dean only.

The song choice was the hardest one. I couldn't find any new songs, so I ended up using Lil' Wayne's 'Bitch I'm The Bomb'. I didn't remember downloading the song though.

Hmm. Anyway, give my video a lots of love. It may be short and boring but that's because I haven't vidding for months. I will probably vid another one if I found a suitable song.

I really want to vid Dean and Castiel relationship. You know, the fallen angel trying to survive the big bad world with Dean's help.