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Like Tick Tick

Status: Supernatural fandom, here I come!
Song: ET (Futuristic Lover) by Katy Perry.

After watching like tons of Supernatural fanvids, it is normal for me to feel inspired to make one after 1 year hiatus.

I still don't believe that I have 100 suscribers. I'm not that good. Hohoho.

It's super short. Like 25 seconds short. This video took me like 5 hours to make it. I was trying out colouring and finding clips. Well, mostly I just rip my dvds.

But still, I had limited clips of Sam. I never thought I would vid the whole show. I used to vid Dean and Dean only.

The song choice was the hardest one. I couldn't find any new songs, so I ended up using Lil' Wayne's 'Bitch I'm The Bomb'. I didn't remember downloading the song though.

Hmm. Anyway, give my video a lots of love. It may be short and boring but that's because I haven't vidding for months. I will probably vid another one if I found a suitable son…

Ghost, Ghostfacers.

Status: Bile nak Raya?!
Song: Love Love Love by FT Island. Love it.

I love Supernatural to death. Like seriously. But after stalking on a Supernatural OhNoTheyDidnt community (Yes. I just love those ONTD and OMNTD websites), I realized that Season 6 doesn't look so interesting. OMONA, OHMYGOD, OHMONDIEU. September 24 is just weeks away!

I mean the spoilers. Ugh. Times 10.

No, Producers. You can't just hook Dean up with ~Lisa~. Everytime I heard the name Lisa, it reminds me of Lisa Simpson. Like serious-leh, No means NO.

There are like hundreds of girls I like Dean to hook up with. But Lisa is not one of it. She doesn't seem like Dean's type. She's not that hot or that tough to be Dean's girl. Nuh-uh. Oh. And she has a kid. That makes perfect sense. NOT.

Why did they have to kill Jo off?! It's so mean. Obviously, Jo and Dean have better chemistry than Dean and ~Lisa~.

Whatever. Since they killed off all the hot ba…

OMD (Oh Mon Dieu)

Status: SMTown is trending on twitter. Beat that, Australia.
Song: Love The Way You Lie by Eminem (Feat. Rihanna)

"Nana nak ikut pergi Mydin esok?

"Ee. Mydin untuk orang low-class je."

Sumpah lawak kot. Adik ku yang gedik. Tak tau la kenapa hari nie die pandai buat lawak.

"Cikgu Zulkifly dah bersara, dah fly dah die."

Nampaknye die pun terpengaruh dengan perangai teruk nie.

"Bile dapat nama Datin je, tak nak kerja dah." - Mak aku pun perangai sama.

"Alaa.. tak nak buka puasa kat KGPA, banyak mak datinz tergedik kat situ." -- Kata adik aku yang sekolah kat Sri Aman. Oh. Sungguh ironik.

Sempat mock lagi mak datins. Aku pun join sekali.

"Ee. Menyampah betul tengok nasi nie. Takda makanan lain ke??" - Aku pun agak berperangai same.

Dalam keluarga aku, selalu je ade debate. Sebab tulah bile aku tengok debate sekolah macam lame gile.

Walaupun diorang nie sumer nampak cam orang pendiam and baek.Itu semua BOHONG,…

May Angels Lead You In

Status: Could it be...??
Song: See Through by Sofi Bonde. A new English song. At last.

I am pretty much 100% sure, I love Supernatural. Supernatural brings a whole new level of awesomeness.

I totally kill myself if I actually stop watching the show.

I sort of did. Because of those K-pop fandoms. Whatever, kpop. You may go to the left now.

Err. Not entirely hating on Kpop right now. Just that, there's this dark side of kpop fandom that I hate.

Like everyone is so anti-f(x) just because Sulli and Krystal have attitude problem. Or Eunhyuk is a douche. HEY. They're human too. They're not perfect, okay. So are YOU. So stop being butthurt about it like you never had any of those problems.

Everyone has the inner bitch.

This overreacting from the fans got me turned off by kpop for awhile.

Have you guys heard Seohyun and Kyuhyun held hands at SMTown'10? Almost all fangirls are bashing Seobb. Uhh.. have it ever occurred to them that Kyuhyun isn…

Sekolah Ah Long kot.

Status: Puasa larh.. BOHOO
Song: Hope Is My Dream That Never Sleeps by Kyuhyun.

Aku pun tak tau cam mana minggu lepas aku boleh jadi hantu.

Sabtu lepas, budak kelas aku nak sesangat buat Rumah Hantu untuk Hari Jogathon yang aku tak peduli langsung tu.
Aku benci betul bab sekolah nak mintak duit. Tulah.. sekolah aku memang sekolah budak miskin, walaupun dikelilingi rumah orang kaya.

Aku tak tau la kenapa die orang asyik mintak duit je dari budak-budak. Tiap kali ade orang cube derma duit lebih daripada RM5, aku suruh diorang derma seringgit je. ---> Nie akan aku citer pada next post. Jangan risau.
"Jangan bazir duit."

Aku nie dahlah seorang yang kedut (Perkataan kedekut yang dikedekut kan lagi jadi KEDUT) terutama bab duit aku sendiri.

Semua orang duit raya masuk bank, aku duit raya, separuh bagi kat bank, separuh dalam tempat secret aku.
Aku tak boleh percaya bank tue.. nak keluar duit kena tanya mak dulu. Baek takyah.

Anyway, aku tak ta…

Shut Off Baby

Status: Kyuhyun and BoA would be awesome together.
Song: Hurricane Venus by BoA.

The reason why Super Junior is my favorite K-pop band. Their personalities.
In SuJu, we have:
Leeteuk, the caring leader/ mother. Heechul the spoiled Princess. Yesung the creeper ninja. Siwon the Shisus. Donghae the hyper six year old boyfriend. The best kind of boyfriend.
Kibum, who?Sungmin the super cute guy who currently trying to be manly. :((Ryeowook, the chef.Kangin, the Dad. (In Army!)
Shindong, the funny one.Hangeng the member who left Super Junior for China.Eunhyuk the anchovy.And Kyuhyunthe evil snarky maknae.

I swear, Kyuhyun is getting funnier everytime he appears on a variety show.

This video is so much of Kyu being awkward. Love his evil laugh before he started to dance.

I was horrified when Eunhyuk started dancing to Biebier's Baby. Oh, no Hyukkie. NO. But Super Junior never disappoint me. At least not in variety shows.



Status: Busy~~~
Song: Hurricane Venus by BoA.

Fuih, hampir terlupe nak tulis pasal cikSalihah. Hari nie baru teringat. Busy doh minggu nie.
Hmm.. die nie takda banyak nak diperkatakan. Jumpe je, mesti die tengah sibuk sms dengan kengkawan (pakwe kot.).

Handphone dengan ciksalihah tak boleh dipisahkan. Sumpah, kalau amik je hp die, mesti die mengamuk.

Walaupun, die antara budak paling serius, die kekadang boleh jadi gile.

Die suke tengok citer kanak-kanak ribena. Cam budak-budak lagi. Isk2.

Sebenarnye nak tulis lagi panjang tapi, aku rase penat gile hari nie. So... Happy Birthday Leha!