You make me tingle-tingle.

Status: Will forever be Key stan. I love him no matter how bad his hair is.
Song: NU ABO by f(x). Miss them so much already!

So. Spain won. And SM just released the last picture from SHINee new comeback.

They just know how to save the best for the last.

Fierce Key! Yay~!Oh. I just realized his hair on the back of his head has been shaved off. Oh.

Now, this just looked super creepy. But I love it anyway because he is Key. He knows how to werk the hair.

Not sure what kind of SHINee concept this is. But it's definitely not the cute, noona-neomu-yeppo-innocent or ring-ding-dong-ish bad SHINee we all knew. I bet the song is going to be super bad ass.

But I like cute innocent Taemin who probably doesn't know that their last song, Ring Ding Dong sounds so wrong. I mean, what is so fantastic, so elastic about Ring Ding Dong?

Oh. Wait, isn't Taemin is around my age?