Status: HyungWhore Strikes Back!
Song: Lucifer by The SHINING SHINee!!

Isn't SHINee so shiny??

I got distracted along the way. Never got to finish the video. Gasp! Don't kill me Shawols!

I swear, SHINee is becoming more like Bieber-ish way.. They're the Korean's Justin Bieber.

Again, don't kill me. I like SHINee too. They're breaking records. That I bet. My K-pop news site just made part 2 post for the MV alone because apparently 10K comments is too much for the website. Shawols are that awesome. So. Is SHINee the 2nd DBSK??
And their thank yous are very entertaining to read especially Minho's. Super long thank you note. He is such a hyungwhore. He thanked to every Super Junior member ('cept Kibum and Hankyung). Like seriously. Kyuhyun is so close to SHINee almost all SHINee member mentioned him.

  • The first time having my own line, Kyu-line, the Kyuhyun hyung with the nice back, am I really joining Kyu-Line?
  • My good hyung, good friend, handsome and perfect, MY Donghae hyung! With you, I’m really fortunate/blissed and happy!
Nice back as in butt?? Haha. Is Kyu-line the same as Hee-line?? That would be awesome. I never thought Kyuhyun is the one who friends with younger boys because he always gives off this 'I Am So Cooler Than You' vibe.

I remember anyone under Hee-line is supposed to be immune to antis. The members of Hee-line are Donghae, Jessica, and Sulli.

Forever amused when he mentioned MY Donghae. Since when he is yours?? HYUNGWHORE!!! Forever whoring, MinHo.


With such good news, you don't really expect bad news from another fellow SMtownie, SNSD. More specifically, Taeyeon.

It's so weird, she is so much hated right now. Mostly because of her irresponsible rude attitude she's been giving.

It's not really that rude. Except when she sulked the whole 'Oh!' performance that she stood out like a sore thumb. Really, leader-sshi. You're the leader.

Other than that, the international fans aren't happy about her 'Alicia Keys comment'. Something along the line of racist. Which I bet is common in Asia.

Why would I know that? Duh. I'm in Asia. People are being racist whether we realized it or not.

Now, some antis aka trolls, found this video of her showing the finger a YEAR ago. I literally snort. Dude, I showed that same gesture when I was in primary school. Why does it matter anyway?

Haters gonna hate. I like Taeyeon because she has a nice voice and very pretty. Just like I love Taylor Momsen because of her awesome hair even though some 'narrow-minded people' find her to be super rude.

Like she cares.

“To be honest,I don’t fucking care. I didn’t get into this to be a role model. So I’m sorry if I’m influencing your kids in a way that you don’t like, but I can’t be responsible for their actions. I don’t care.”

Taeyeon should be like her if she wanna be 'badass'.