Got Nothin' On You.

Status: Kyuhyun stay strong.
Song: Count On You (Nothin' On You) by Jay Park. LoL. Jaebum!

It feels like yesterday when Jaebum made a cover of this song.( You'd know, before the song is a big hit.)

I am not a fan of this song. But after listening to the his version. I might like it. Because he's ~Jaysus~.

He was one of the reason the song is such a big hit. So, I don't understand why some people are hatin on him.

But who cares? Jaebum got nothing on you babe! I wish he was back in 2PM already.

On the other hand, Super Junior's No Other MV reached 1.2 million views just after 6 days.

Proud of those boys.

Kyuhyun is going to talk about the accident. Jeng3. That was the saddest incident in SuJu fandom. He almost died 3 years ago. Heard lot of guest cried *cough*Teukie*cough*.

Oh. And Charice, the so-called most talented girl on earth, tweeted about Teuk and Hyuk. I'm not fan of her, but she sang with Kyuhyun. Glad she remembered them. I like to think Super Junior made her famous.

The first song Kyuhyun sang after the accident. A Whole New World~~