FIFA viva?

Status: Heenim's bday. Yay!
Song: Gee by SoNyuhJunior. Heesica FTW.

The hottest topic of the month, FIFA final. As a passive football fan, I should say something about this FIFA stuff. Before it ends.

I don't watch football. Like seriously. Why the hell do I want to watch boys chasing ball?

Unless there's Kaka in it. But truthfully, I haven't watch full football match since FIFA 2002's final. Where I was so amazed by Ronaldo's.... wait for it.... hairstyle. It was so bald yet there's hair in front of it.

Anyway, I won't be watching the final. None of my teams are in the finals. Soo.. why should I?

So, which team did I support??
  1. South Korea. Why? Look around the blog. Obviously I'm going to support them. Duh. Taehaminguk fighting!
  2. Brazil. Only because Kaka looked so hot in those jersey. Werk it boy.
  3. North Korea. What? I thought they had some super secret talented footballer stored for the world cup and shove it in everyone's face. Wouldn't it be awesome if NK won?? You disappoint me.
After Brazil lost to Uruguay, I haven't been that interested enough in FIFA.

But I'm updated enough to know why everyone is talking about an octupus rather than about the teams.

People will forever be weird. So am I. Si Pelik kah??