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Hey, Cat

Status: BoA is back.
Song: 다시 돌아와 by Infinite.

Kucing ku yang sudah tua. Dah berapa tahun agaknye ko dah hidup??

Aku pun tak tau. Tuan tak berguna.

Baru-baru nie, die asyik muntah balik makanan die.

Ayah aku kate die dah tua. Mak aku kate die mengada-ngada.

Haha. Mak aku nie memang tak suke kucing tu.

Die nak golek-golek dekat depan pintu pun kena marah. Die nak golek kat depan tv pun kena marah. Die buat bising pun, mak aku marah. Akhir-akhir kena halau kucing tu. Sumpah perangai cam Mak tiri.

"Kucing gilo."

"Out, Tiger!" - Kucing aku faham English. Dengar je perkataan 'Out', terus die keluar.

"Tiger nie asyik nak menggesel jer, habis baju sekolah nie kena bulu!"

"Memilih makan pulak kucing nie!"

"Makan lah. Orang dah bagi dah makanan nie."

Aku pulak suke buli kucing nie. Sebab tu lah aku dikenali sebagai Pembuli Kucing. Kalau orang tak boleh buli, kucing lah yang kena. Tapi aku memang sayang sesangat…

Oh No He Didn't

Status: It's all about conspiracy.
Song: I Made It by Kevin Rudolf. Because I miss him.

Although I said I kind of want to quit blogging about kpop but this news is too huge to just let it go.

I don't care if Beast fans or one of those hypocrites are going after me. We are all hypocrites, hypocrite. So stop hypocriting.

You probably will not see this on Allkpop, Soompi or Omona.

Beast's KiKwang does blackface on some variety show. He transformed himself into African American (LOL what?) And to make things worse, his friend don't even recognize him.

And of course, most of us Asians (Especially where there's no diversity in the country) will probably go like, "What wrong with that? It's just for a tv show."

Apparently, not to those in America~~.

The only time you will see this being reported is in OhNoTheyDidn't. Which happened to be one of the huge gossip site in hollywood.

And most of those people are Americans,…


Status: HyungWhore Strikes Back!
Song: Lucifer by The SHINING SHINee!!

Isn't SHINee so shiny??

I got distracted along the way. Never got to finish the video. Gasp! Don't kill me Shawols!

I swear, SHINee is becoming more like Bieber-ish way.. They're the Korean's Justin Bieber.

Again, don't kill me. I like SHINee too. They're breaking records. That I bet. My K-pop news site just made part 2 post for the MV alone because apparently 10K comments is too much for the website. Shawols are that awesome. So. Is SHINee the 2nd DBSK??
And their thank yous are very entertaining to read especially Minho's. Super long thank you note. He is such a hyungwhore. He thanked to every Super Junior member ('cept Kibum and Hankyung). Like seriously. Kyuhyun is so close to SHINee almost all SHINee member mentioned him.

The first time having my own line, Kyu-line, the Kyuhyun hyung with the nice back, am I really joining Kyu-Line?My good hyung…

I'll Eat You Up, Nom,Nom

Status: If I want to, I can have you.
Song: Eat You Up by BoA. She is so awesome.

July 14th. I think.

SHINee teaser. I am not sure what kind of concept this is.. But my jaw definitely dropped when I watched the teaser after it was released 5 minutes ago.

Hehehe.. Onew's and Minho's hair looked funny. Which guy part their hair right in the middle anymore??? And Minho's hair looked like his debut hair. Shorter.

Key is half-bald. Cannot unsee. I take it back. I don't want half-baldy Key. I was never a fan of baldy boys. Not my diva!!

Taemin, why is he so pretty?? His hair is so long. So pretty. Sigh. Jonghyun is probably the most normal guy out of SHINee right now. Except he's wearing shirt that showed his back.

But the song sounds nice. Then again, it is theShining! SHINee!Any songs they promote always ends up no 1 on chart.

July 15th.

Sumpah tak pernah aku rase nervous macam nie. Mase PMR and UPSR pon aku tak feeling cam nie.


Got Nothin' On You.

Status: Kyuhyun stay strong.
Song: Count On You (Nothin' On You) by Jay Park. LoL. Jaebum!

It feels like yesterday when Jaebum made a cover of this song.( You'd know, before the song is a big hit.)

I am not a fan of this song. But after listening to the his version. I might like it. Because he's ~Jaysus~.

He was one of the reason the song is such a big hit. So, I don't understand why some people are hatin on him.

But who cares? Jaebum got nothing on you babe! I wish he was back in 2PM already.

On the other hand, Super Junior's No Other MV reached 1.2 million views just after 6 days.

Proud of those boys.

Kyuhyun is going to talk about the accident. Jeng3. That was the saddest incident in SuJu fandom. He almost died 3 years ago. Heard lot of guest cried *cough*Teukie*cough*.

Oh. And Charice, the so-called most talented girl on earth, tweeted about Teuk and Hyuk. I'm not fan of her, but she sang with Kyuhyun. Glad she remembered them…

You make me tingle-tingle.

Status: Will forever be Key stan. I love him no matter how bad his hair is.
Song: NU ABO by f(x). Miss them so much already!

So. Spain won. And SM just released the last picture from SHINee new comeback.

They just know how to save the best for the last.

Fierce Key! Yay~!Oh. I just realized his hair on the back of his head has been shaved off. Oh.

Now, this just looked super creepy. But I love it anyway because he is Key. He knows how to werk the hair.

Not sure what kind of SHINee concept this is. But it's definitely not the cute, noona-neomu-yeppo-innocent or ring-ding-dong-ish bad SHINee we all knew. I bet the song is going to be super bad ass.

But I like cute innocent Taemin who probably doesn't know that their last song, Ring Ding Dong sounds so wrong. I mean, what is so fantastic, so elastic about Ring Ding Dong?

Oh. Wait, isn't Taemin is around my age?

FIFA viva?

Status: Heenim's bday. Yay!
Song: Gee by SoNyuhJunior. Heesica FTW.

The hottest topic of the month, FIFA final. As a passive football fan, I should say something about this FIFA stuff. Before it ends.

I don't watch football. Like seriously. Why the hell do I want to watch boys chasing ball?

Unless there's Kaka in it. But truthfully, I haven't watch full football match since FIFA 2002's final. Where I was so amazed by Ronaldo's.... wait for it.... hairstyle. It was so bald yet there's hair in front of it.

Anyway, I won't be watching the final. None of my teams are in the finals. Soo.. why should I?

So, which team did I support??
South Korea. Why? Look around the blog. Obviously I'm going to support them. Duh. Taehaminguk fighting!
Brazil. Only because Kaka looked so hot in those jersey. Werk it boy.North Korea. What? I thought they had some super secret talented footballer stored for the world cup and shove it in everyone…

Look Who Is Being Rude?

Status: Sakit hati betul dengan budak-budak tu. Cam tenggiling betul.
Song: Bad Girl Good Girl by Miss A.

Aku betul betul tak puas hati dengan budak ed board tu . Die kate lepas sekolah terus amik gambar.

So, aku ingat sekejap je stayback kat sekolah. Tetiba, diorang kate pukul 3 baru kelas aku boleh amik gambar.

Kepala botak diorang la. Baik aku tido. Senang hidup aku. Dahla sorang budak tu sumpah bapak sombong cam tahi hidung. Pandang pun tak, tegur pun tak.

Ingat aku nak tunggu 2 jam kat sekolah semata-mata nak amik gambar. Bazir masa aku je.

Nasib la budak kelas aku semua pun tak nak tunggu. Aku ingat aku sorang je. Hepi betul dapat budak kelas cam diorang. Sungguh bagus.

Macam la aku sayang sekolah tu pown. Nak naik muak tengok bangunan sekolah tu. Dahla asyik mintak duit ayah aku. Bazir wang je.

Aku ingat lagi, ayah aku sumbang RM400 nak buat kolam kat depan sekolah rendah aku. Skung, dah jadi tempat pembiakan nyamuk kott.

Hish.. tak payah…

Happy Bubble Lalala

Status: Iz fangirling her way to heaven.
Song: No Other by Super Junior. I love this song. And MV too.

This is the kind of video I love.

I spot messy haired Kyu. I spot camwhore! Teuk. I spot magic failness that is Hae. My fave top 3 are awesome.

So is everyone. SM, do this kind of video more often.

Although I'm completely sadd they never show the girl's face. But then again, if she would. She would be dead by now. So. Hah.

I My Me Mine

Status: Bye Kangin The Raccoon. See you in 2 years.
Song: Touched By You by Sung SiKyung. (My first non-kpop song. But sort of got sang by Kyuhyun. teehee.)

Big things that you do. Small things that you do. Will forever be remembered. No matter how much I tried to hate you. I'll always go back to you. Even though you don't notice it. Oh, how much I hope you did
Feels like saying that.

I lurve the new girl group, Miss A.(But nothing beats f(x)!) Although, the song is a bit mediocre. I do like fierce-bitch! they give out.


Hari ni lawak gile. Ada sepupu aku nie, nama die Adam.

Budak nie berumur 5 tahun kot. Beza umur die dengan aku 12 tahun. So, 17-12... 5 la.

Rase dah tua pulak. (PL tak tua la!)

err.. anyway, budak nie buat perangai cam budak belum pegi tadika lagi. Cam orang utan pun ade agaknye.

Hari nie, die buat karenah yang terok gile.

Mungkin die ade banyak homework kot. Sebab tu la die multitasking.

Orang makan kat meja makan.


You Don't Know Me, So Shut Up Boyy

Status: I feel my inner ELF is urging me to buy the album. ASAP.
Song: All My Heart by Super Junior. Made by HenTeuk. I love this song SFM.

Still flailing around about Super Junior's 너같은 사람 또 없어 performance is so much loved by me. I mean the boys are finally enjoying performing. They were all smiling in this cute way.

Which made me grinned and giggled unconsciously.

Made me realize that this is the reason why I like them the first place and not SS501, or Big Bang, or DBSK or CNBlue.

As much as I love Beastly!Super Junior and Cool!Super Junior, Dorky!Super Junior is always the best.

Anyways, am I the only one who thinks Taeyang's new song is too boring. Like seriously. The only reason I watched the performance is because of G-Dragon. Then again, I was never a big fan of Taeyang. He's too boring. Unlike his fellow members, Seungri and GD.

And one of the most popular boy band, SS501 is also on the verge of breaking up. Wae???? First, D…

World Tour, Fer Sure???

Status: Happy Birthday Teukie-Teukie Angel Teuk!!!! 소워눌, 말해봐!!
Song: No Other by Super Junior. I want no other but Teuk!

It's Teuk's birthday and good news are just pouring in. I cannot get over the fact that SMTown live is going on a world tour!! If they ever make a concert over here.

Forget SuShow 3. I'm coming for SMtown. For realz. Just imagine all the SNSD, SuJu, f(x), SHINee in one country. I will died of too much fangirling. FANGIRLING!!!!No Other dance moves looked so awesome. When are they releasing the effin' video?!!

Leeteuk, Park JungSoo. It's your 28th (or 27th in world age) bday. And you don't even looked that old. You're the best K-Pop leader ever. And, may probably be the worst driver too. Hahas.

Many people find you're annoying for being everywhere.. Like seriously. Stop working already.
To me, you're the most gedikz guy I've ever met. But, yet, so lovable. Who wouldn't fall for tha…