Status: Kyuhyun needs a twitter so I can make twitter and stalk them.
Song: As Soon As by 2PM. I love my 2PM and T-Ara album so much..

Oh ma gawd. I love Taemin so much that this is so so so wrong. Burn Bieber!!!!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who supports Nichkhun/Victoria couple. This comes from someone who adored Nichkhun so much that every time he appears on TV, "Comel nyeer.." is being said.

I'm a true Nichkhun stan. But I love f(x) possibly more than SNSD. This is going to be so much better than awkward!Seohyun/cool!Yonghwa couple. Why Seohyun of all the SNSD girls?? Why not Sooyoung??


Jumpe dak Qila.. Mane ade sombong.. Cume kepala merong sikitt.. Makan cam ayam. Sepah rumah Pak Usu. Isk. Isk.