Why Won't You Love Him Back?

Status: I don't wanna know the ending of You're Beautiful.
Song: Without Words by 9th Street. (You're Beautiful OST)

Sigh. I know. What am I doing here and not studying my Biology yet?? Why did I watched You're Beautiful?


No one told me there are some heartbreaking scenes. I love Shinwoo. So much that it hurts.

I knew he was going to be the 2nd Hero along with Hongki.. (err.. I mean Jeremy) when I bought the dvd. I don't know what came over me when I bought this DVD.

Now I remember why I hate watching drama.

Feels like Meteor Garden all over again. That was several years ago when I was 12 or 10.

Why didn't the girl (Barbie Hsu) end up with Vic Zhou? Why Jerry??!

That was what going through my mind every night after I finished watching the series. I hated the ending. Still do.

Which is why I refrain myself from watching remakes of Meteor Garden which are Boys Over Flower, Hana Yori Dango and Meteor Shower. Yes. Meteor Shower is different than Meteor Garden. Meteor Garden is the Taiwanese version.The original one. Meteor Shower is the Chinese version.

It was my first Asian drama. And no, Indonesian drama or Malaysian drama doesn't count. I will not acknowledge Indon/Malay drama as Asian drama. Ever. They say the first ones always will be remembered. Vic Zhou was the best 2nd Hero until today.

Now, Vic Zhou doesn't play the unappreciated guy. He's the main lead now and the most handsome guy in Taiwan. In your face Jerry Yan.

Anyway, Shinwoo is so under appreciate that I felt twinge of pain when I watch him staring at Mi Nam from far. Especially the part where he sort of stalked her. With all the cool disguises.

I couldn't possibly describe the scene. It was so so heartbreaking. It hurts.

Why do I always root for these kind of guy??


Anonymous said…
It was pretty sad seeing all of the three guys kinda falling for the same girl and she has to pick one obviously. :/

If you haven't watched it till there then SORRY.

But I do have to say that it was a thrill watching the show. Another reason why I kinda thought of wanting to get a Samsung Corby. >__> but I kinda just watched it cause Michelle told me about the show about how funny it is and not to mention, UEE from After School plays antagonist for the show. (:

If you haven't watched the whole show then I suggest you finish it asap. It's pretty annoying when you're left in suspense. I finished the show continuously for two weeks by internet. 2/3 episodes in one day. Hahaha.