Mr Boogie~

Status: Just watched the first 4 episode of You're Beautiful. Love, love Hongki so much.
Song: Sorry by f(x).

This cut from Family Outing is hilarious. But, I still don't understand why are they laughing after Heechul said Leeteuk is close with Yoona. Why?? Is that some sort of SMTown inside joke??


Another cut also from Family Outing (I wanna watch this show SFM.) Jo Kwon vs Heechul. This is like a vair rare chance of seeing those two together. If only Brian and Key were there. Then the Head Of Bitches is complete. So is my life.

Starrting from 3:32.

Heechul mocked Yoona in Run Devil Run and Yuri in Genie while Jokwon mocked Hyoyeon in Gee. I love them for being fierce.

Jokwon version of Rain. Why are you so precious??