Status: Catchy but too Bollywood perhaps??
Song: 사랑 빛 by CN Blue. Awww.. this song > bonamana.

Yesterday, two songs have been released.

1. Super Junior - BONAMANA

Not sure what to say. It's Super Junior. So, definitely will be hit.
But personally, I hate it. Maybe because of the fact that I can't recognize anyone's voice with those lousy auto tunes. I want Kyuhyun's voice not some weird robotic voice. teehee, Siwon sounds weird in this song.

If I can't recognize Kyuhyun's voice, I might I go on a rampage. I miss Kyu's voice.

I don't really like any of the part of the song. This song reminds me of Bollywood. That's a bad thing.

'Even if you call me crazy, I still like you, beautiful girl.'

I miss Sorry, Sorry already.

2. CNBlue - Love Light.

Ehmagawd, best song ever. Very laid back. Although, I don't really understand Korean fully but pretty sure that the lyric is sweet.

Yonghwa is such a sweetheart when he wrote this line: 'I'm Genie For You, Girl'

Couldn't that be more Seohyun/Yonghwa??!

*cough*Kyuhyun should write some songs for Seohyun.ASAP*cough*

I love this song. The lyrics, the peaceful acoustic-ish feeling it gives off is giving me the chills.

**Realize that I'm blogging on Kpop more than ever. Will try to minimize it.

Topics I will blog about.
  1. Hallyu waves before and after. (Yes, it is related to Kpop but in a personal way.)
  2. My dysfunctional yet perfect family.
  3. Food. Rice vs Pasta.
  4. My cat. And the other dead animals that I owned.
  5. Teacher.
  6. Reasons why I should quit liking KPop.
  7. and more..