I Want To Get Get Your Love.

Status: SuJu team vs. Dream Team. I smell Hyungwhore.
Song: LOVE by CNBlue. I love all their songs naww.

English is not ma speaking language yo. I don't speak English.

S o w h y a m I w r i t i n g i n English??

Maybe I should start writing in BM. Though, everytime I try to write in BM, it feels like I'm writing an essay. Oo-eerr..

Anyway, I've been stressed out by those horrid exams. My nails are getting shorter because I unconsciously kept biting them. It's a bad habit I can't get rid of.

I've also been really on the edge all the time. I feel like snapping at people and giving everyone piece of my mind. I am so annoyed right now. Pfffttt!!

Even Super Junior can't help me with this sort of stress.