I Am God Of Study.

Status: Wonder Girls are back.
Song: 2 Different Tears by Wonder Girls. (Eng/Kor). Tell Me and So Hot sounds funny in English.

I spot Junsu/Donghae love.

Am I the only one who noticed Kyuhyun just slide through the stage on yesterday performance and in MV? That was like freakin' random. Then aga
in, the dance is super random too. And tiring too.

And what the hell is up with Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun hair??? The whole performance looked like a hawt mess. Stage is too small and too many members. They should have done a much more simpler choreography like Sorry, Sorry. Too dizzy.

Though I do like the Hot Issue segment. Siwon talked about the good things about Yesung and vice versa. Creeper Yesung will forever be creepy. Naw, I can understand a bit Korean without english subs.

I have to unsee what I just saw. Eunhyuk abs. Anchovies should have stayed anchovies. Stop trying to be 2PM, SuJu. I want my skinny SuJu. ASAP.

Why yes. I have a seriously sharp eyes when it comes to Super Junior messing up their performance. It's because they're my bias. I will be one of the fans who won't go batshit fangirling over the performance

I am that cool.

I feel bad for 2PM though. Junsu injured his knee so he couldn't dance. He was standing there awkwardly while the other members dance. Wooyoung was lip-singing the whole song because of his vocal nodule.

Let them rest, JYP. I hate seeing 2PM not dancing and singing.

Sulli screwed up her part in NU ABO. She sort of forgot. Maybe she was too tired. Nevertheless, I still love her. f(x) owned the whole show. I am not amused that they didn't won.


After my precious commentary on MuBank, let's talk about teachers.

I hate them but somehow I have to respect them because they're teachers.

Out of so many teachers, I hate my Standard 5 Science teacher. Bitch. I just don't like her. She hates me because I'm too quiet. What the hell?! Saw her on Thursday while picking up my sis.

Still the same except more older. Whatever, she's not worth mentioning ever again on teh blog.

Among all the teachers that I had, I have to say my Standard 5 class teacher is the teacher that made me who I am today. The hardworking me.

On the first day, she gave tons of homework. (She taught BM, Maths and KT.) I stayed up until 1 am to finish the work. On that year, I just started tuition. So imagine how lack of time I had.

From that day onward, I tried to finished all my homework at school. And I also took advantage of that teacher. She just marked the books without checking. So, I skipped tons of questions.

Until today, I've managed to have less homework than my other two sisters who are in Standard 5 and Form 3. Because I am that efficient. They have to do homework till midnight, while I'm relaxing by watching TV.

To me, there is only one teacher that I admired. My Std 5 &6 tuition teacher. She was so nice. She even talked to me personally and said to me, "Don't stressed too much. You can ace all the exams. I have faith in you."

I don't know why she said I was stressed out. I couldn't even care less about UPSR. The day before UPSR started, I was revising while watching CSI.

Nonetheless, she's the only one who have ever told me that she has faith in me. Not even my parents tell me that. My mom even predicted my PMR score to be 1A. So when we came to get my PMR result, and I got 8As. I was about to tell my mom, 'In your face.' But she went to hug me.

Humiliation times 10. I was literally shocked and horrified by the fact that she hugged me in front of all those teachers.

Err.. anyway, I couldn't tell her how grateful I am to have her as my teacher. She did tried to get in touch with me after UPSR result came out.

But apparently, some idiot don't know my real full name and told her off. Saying that I don't exist.

Feels like I'm in one of those Indonesian dramas.