Give It To My Y.

Status: Too much of good news today.
Song: That new MBLAQ teaser is so catchy. Mir ILY.
Shindong is dating a girl from outside the entertainment industry. This was revealed when fans cracked the code in his ‘thanks to’ note in Super Junior’s 4th album. The code written in his ‘thanks to’ is translated as “Nari-ya, let’s get married. I’m proposing to you. I’ll love you forever”. In addition, Shindong’s agency, SM Entertainment has officially acknowledged the fact that he has a girlfriend.

Oh . Wow. Shindong getting married? SMent approved of this?? Woah.. things are going a bit to fast over here.

But I'm happy for them. The girl looks nice. Now I know why Shindong's ideal type is Sunny. Hehe. Now, 14 to go.

Though, Imma cut a bitch if Donghae has a girlfriend. Unless the gf is one of the girls from SNSD.

He's too innocent to have a typical normal girlfriend. Which leads to I don't wanna know if he has one.

Other than him and maybe Kyuhyun, I will be happy for them. Teuk needs to get himself married too. But ELFs might bring the whole world down.

I know, I should be studying because exam is next week. But this is huge. And I need to post something in conjunction with Teacher's Day.