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Kids These Days

Status: Don't be ridiculous. I am me.
Song: HuH by 4Minute. Best song from 4Minute.

Just watched Prince Of Persia with my mum and sisters at Gardens. It was meh. If I wanna see half nekkid guy, I'll choose Teuk over Tobey McGuire-look-alike anytime.'Oppa didn't mean to be that hot.'

Anyway, after the movie, my sis went to this art shop. I'm not sure why but I hate hate those twerps in that shop. Lemme rephrase that in BM.

Eee... Gedikz nak mampos. Dahla speaking.

Memekak je kat kedai. Hish.. tak pernah rase gile bengang dengar orang speaking cam budak2 nie.. Hoi. Kalau nak sangat speaking.. belahla dari Malaysia. Ko tak diperlu kan. Menyemak je.

Pakai baju seksi gile. Kanak-kanak ribena lak tu, patut la kes rogol makin banyak.

Dah lah duduk tengah2 dunia, orang laen nak lalu pun susah kott... Knk2 kurang ajar, mentang2 la bdak kaya.

Naseb la aku nie penyabar kalau tak dah lama dah aku tampar je muka budak2 tuu..
Fuhh.. rase…

I Want To Get Get Your Love.

Status: SuJu team vs. Dream Team. I smell Hyungwhore.
Song: LOVE by CNBlue. I love all their songs naww.

English is not ma speaking language yo. I don't speak English.

S o w h y a m I w r i t i n g i n English??

Maybe I should start writing in BM. Though, everytime I try to write in BM, it feels like I'm writing an essay. Oo-eerr..

Anyway, I've been stressed out by those horrid exams. My nails are getting shorter because I unconsciously kept biting them. It's a bad habit I can't get rid of.

I've also been really on the edge all the time. I feel like snapping at people and giving everyone piece of my mind. I am so annoyed right now. Pfffttt!!

Even Super Junior can't help me with this sort of stress.


Status: Kebosanan tahap tenggiling.
Song: Boom Boom by Super Junior. Owhhh yeahh.. those hip thrust.

Exam. I hate you. Only one chapter I haven't read for my Bio. Tomorrow is Bio.

Seseorang telah suro aku post pasal kehidupan aku. Hahaha... Terlupe lak pasal kehidupan ku.

takde la banyak perubahan. Masih orang yang same. Objektif aku lepas SPM, nak potong rambut pendek.

Cam lelaki. Biau jdi pengkid lak. hehe.

Sekolah pun takde la interesting sgt. Blajar je.

ok. Time for bio.

Super Twitter.

Oh. EunHae. Stop flirting on twitter.

There's something disturbing about this picture. But, it's KyuHaeHyuk. I love Kyuhae. Need moar Kyuhae interactions.

Super Junior is taking Twitter by storm. Although, I'm not on twitter (not until Kyu has one) I love how they're becoming addicted to it. It reminds me why I love them in the first place.

Their dorkiness.

Why Won't You Love Him Back?

Status: I don't wanna know the ending of You're Beautiful.
Song: Without Words by 9th Street. (You're Beautiful OST)

Sigh. I know. What am I doing here and not studying my Biology yet?? Why did I watched You're Beautiful?


No one told me there are some heartbreaking scenes. I love Shinwoo. So much that it hurts.

I knew he was going to be the 2nd Hero along with Hongki.. (err.. I mean Jeremy) when I bought the dvd. I don't know what came over me when I bought this DVD.

Now I remember why I hate watching drama.

Feels like Meteor Garden all over again. That was several years ago when I was 12 or 10.

Why didn't the girl (Barbie Hsu) end up with Vic Zhou? Why Jerry??!

That was what going through my mind every night after I finished watching the series. I hated the ending. Still do.

Which is why I refrain myself from watching remakes of Meteor Garden which are Boys Over Flower, Hana Yori Dango and Meteor Shower. Yes. M…

I Am God Of Study.

Status: Wonder Girls are back.
Song: 2 Different Tears by Wonder Girls. (Eng/Kor). Tell Me and So Hot sounds funny in English.

I spot Junsu/Donghae love.

Am I the only one who noticed Kyuhyun just slide through the stage on yesterday performance and in MV? That was like freakin' random. Then again, the dance is super random too. And tiring too.

And what the hell is up with Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun hair??? The whole performance looked like a hawt mess. Stage is too small and too many members. They should have done a much more simpler choreography like Sorry, Sorry. Too dizzy.

Though I do like the Hot Issue segment. Siwon talked about the good things about Yesung and vice versa. Creeper Yesung will forever be creepy. Naw, I can understand a bit Korean without english subs.

I have to unsee what I just saw. Eunhyuk abs. Anchovies should have stayed anchovies. Stop trying to be 2PM, SuJu. I want my skinny SuJu. ASAP.

Why yes. I have a seriously sharp …

Give It To My Y.

Status: Too much of good news today.
Song: That new MBLAQ teaser is so catchy. Mir ILY.
Shindong is dating a girl from outside the entertainment industry. This was revealed when fans cracked the code in his ‘thanks to’ note in Super Junior’s 4th album. The code written in his ‘thanks to’ is translated as “Nari-ya, let’s get married. I’m proposing to you. I’ll love you forever”. In addition, Shindong’s agency, SM Entertainment has officially acknowledged the fact that he has a girlfriend.

Oh . Wow. Shindong getting married? SMent approved of this?? Woah.. things are going a bit to fast over here.

But I'm happy for them. The girl looks nice. Now I know why Shindong's ideal type is Sunny. Hehe. Now, 14 to go.

Though, Imma cut a bitch if Donghae has a girlfriend. Unless the gf is one of the girls from SNSD.

He's too innocent to have a typical normal girlfriend. Which leads to I don't wanna know if he has one.

Other than him and may…
Status: Kyuhyun. Do Want.
Song: BONAMANA by Super Junior. Maybe like this song.

Don't we all want this video to be more interesting??


Status: Catchy but too Bollywood perhaps??
Song: 사랑 빛 by CN Blue. Awww.. this song > bonamana.

Yesterday, two songs have been released.

1. Super Junior - BONAMANA

Not sure what to say. It's Super Junior. So, definitely will be hit.
But personally, I hate it. Maybe because of the fact that I can't recognize anyone's voice with those lousy auto tunes. I want Kyuhyun's voice not some weird robotic voice. teehee, Siwon sounds weird in this song.

If I can't recognize Kyuhyun's voice, I might I go on a rampage. I miss Kyu's voice.

I don't really like any of the part of the song. This song reminds me of Bollywood. That's a bad thing.

'Even if you call me crazy, I still like you, beautiful girl.'

I miss Sorry, Sorry already.

2. CNBlue - Love Light.

Ehmagawd, best song ever. Very laid back. Although, I don't really understand Korean fully but pretty sure that the lyric is sweet.

Yonghwa is such a sweetheart when he w…

Mr Boogie~

Status: Just watched the first 4 episode of You're Beautiful. Love, love Hongki so much.
Song: Sorry by f(x).

This cut from Family Outing is hilarious. But, I still don't understand why are they laughing after Heechul said Leeteuk is close with Yoona. Why?? Is that some sort of SMTown inside joke??


Another cut also from Family Outing (I wanna watch this show SFM.) Jo Kwon vs Heechul. This is like a vair rare chance of seeing those two together. If only Brian and Key were there. Then the Head Of Bitches is complete. So is my life.

Starrting from 3:32.

Heechul mocked Yoona in Run Devil Run and Yuri in Genie while Jokwon mocked Hyoyeon in Gee. I love them for being fierce.

Jokwon version of Rain. Why are you so precious??


Status: .... Ehmagawd, the teaser is so so cool!
Song: Nu ABO by f(x). Your comeback is so awesome.

Teukie! Kyuhyun! Donghae!! My biases are looking fine. Though, I still do not want Teuk's hair.

Who cares?? They're Gods naw. Shisus is so cool. The pose. Very Godly..

Yesung gets more scenes is a miracle. He looked so hot. ILY Yesung.

The background music sounds really creepy. But I really love it.

Whatever, they're going to be a hit.

New Blood

Status: Luna and Victoria is my new bias..
Song: Mr Boogie by f(x). Love this song.

The video seems boring. Then again, it's SM. They always make the best teaser but somehow have the worst video. Sigh. Amber, those hair. Get it off!! She looked like the skinny version of Shindong.

I do like Sulli's and Luna's hair though.

The choreography is awesome.

On to the next big thing, Super Junior teaser is coming out tomorrow. I am speechless. Are they sort of making a comeback along with f(x)??

You know what does this mean... Super f(x)!!


Status: EhMagawd!! Bye Kangin forever??
Song: Nu ABO by f(x). Epic song of the moment. Like, for real.

I'm not sure if I should be happy. But I am.

For all the right reasons. I just love love, lurveee.. f(x) new songs. Actually almost all the songs in their mini-album are awesomes. Love the beats.

The girls are doing it right. This is how you grab the attention from your unnies, SNSD. Iz proud of them. I knew they were going to be a hit.

In da making of a new header especially for f(x).

This happy news comes with a seriously sad news that is breaking all the ELFs hearts.

4jib album’s work is almost over, now waiting to meet the fans..
And for me, I thought that it was too early for me to take part in 4jib album activities and thought that I’d better have more time to think about myself… So I don’t think I’ll be seeing you guys for the upcoming activities.

The army.. where as a Korean man, you have to go once in your life..
I was wonderi…

Ye Ye Ye

Status: 2nd DBSK is a taboo word in K-Pop.
Song: Don't Stop Can't Stop by 2PM. You wanna see me fall, right? HATERS!

I'm not sure which sucks. But, I think I am officially sucked at vidding. I can't even vid for 30 seconds without getting frustrated. Is it me or is the official Lupin's teaser sucked?

Which sort of remind me. Have you people watch f(x)'s teaser??? EhMaGawd. I love the beat.

Though the girls have some major bad hair day. What did they do to ma Amber?!

First LaCHaTa, then, Chu~ and now, Nu ABO?! Umm.. tempting.

Here's Lupin's teaser. Well.. something like that. I actually made 3 types of teaser for this video but I chose this one because it's the least messed up. Maybe just maybe I'll upload the others.

Yes, it sucked. I hate it too.