You're The Devil, Bitch.

Status: Is going to cut a bitch right now.
Song: Run DEVIL Run by SNSD.

I've had it with these people. To think that I was going to say sorry and be nice to them today.
I was waiting for my mom to pick me up from tuition which lasts for like years to me. When a black car come right up to me and the driver said, "I hate you." And drives on.

RAGE! Who the hell does he think he is?! I could just take a picture of him driving a car underage and send it to the police. I'll make sure he's going to move to another school and be far far away from me.

You know what? I've been way to nice in my blog. I never bitch'ed about anyone specifically.

There's so many people I hate right now.
There's this stuck up bitches who think they're so much better than me because I'm a loner.
There's this gay dude who calls other people gay because he's an insecure pathetic loser.
There's this dude who thinks I hate him just because I ignore him when I had a bad day.. Well, truth to be told. I AM HATING YOU, asshole. So ignore me all you want.
Then there's this chick who thinks that she's is so lovable that when people start to hate her, she's gone depressed. What is she? Six year old?!

I don't remember how we became friends. You'd know what? I don't wanna remember it.
I will change from this moment on.


Anonymous said…
At least the guy didn't wink at you. That happened to me when I was in primary and I still feel disgusted at it. :/

But he's honestly not worth anyone's time if he's too coward enough to just say it to your face that he doesn't like you rather than drive in front of you and say I hate you and drive off. -__-

Haha, sorry. Just felt like saying something about that guy. They're all just the same trying to show off to everyone that they can drive/ride something illegally without getting caught by the police. It annoys me.

I've read your blog once in a while. I find it very entertaining to read. In a good way of course. :D