Shuper Boy

Status: I'm gonna be the one that I want.
Song: Without U by 2PM.
Ooo-eerr.. Key/Yoona?!

Random picture is random.

I'm not sure why but people never believe me when I said I don't have a boyfriend.

If I ever had one, I would keep talking about him all the time and tell to the whole world. But I don't.

Which is because I don't have one.

And this may sound completely unbelievable and you might thought that I'm lying but I'm not planning on having one.

No, that does not mean I'm going for girls. Though, Amber is sort of hot.

It just that... Can you imagine me of all people going all lovey-dovey to a real guy?! Don't think so.

The thoughts alone make me shudder.

So, stop making all those weird assumptions or stories about me having some non-existent boyfriend. Unless he's Kyuhyun or Leeteuk or Donghae...