Status: Depressed.
Song: Magic by Secret.

I don't know how but my mp3 has a huge deep scratch on it's screen. It's distracting me from watching the videos.

How can I watch the videos if I kept staring at the huge scratch?!

This sucks. I hate my life.

Girls' Generation RDR Story Ver. sucks. It's almost the same as the dance ver.

TVXQ stop their group activities. Was expecting this but... 'Oh no, they didn't!' This is a sad day for Cassies. I will be sad too. I like Mirotic and Stand By U so muchh. And Jaejoong is Perfection. We must always keep the faith. Right??

Hangeng will revealed everything this May. Please let him be in Super Junior. Because he's the reason why Super Junior-M is formed. You can't ditch Henry and Zhou Mi over 'Han Shake Dance' milkshake. And what?! You're in LA?! HolyRandom.

Maybe this has something to do with me being a total ass to a group of people. Ah, but it's for a good cause. They're the jerks and being total childish that I have to go anti on them.

Who are they to call Super Junior gay bastard?