Chitty Times 2

Status: Jual mahal lak mamat nie. Menyampah!
Song: Hate U by 2PM. 니가 밉다!

Don't really have anything to say. Just updating this blog because Blair asked me too. (It's either this or entering some groupdub thingy.) I don't sing, Blair unless we're in a car or 노래방.

I just realized something extremely important. Insults doesn't hurt me when it is spoken in English. Cursing in English isn't fun as cursing in Malay.

That is le fact.

Which is why whenever I'm on a rage, I usually would cuss in Malay. That's why I love having Malay as my native language.

"Fuck you." doesn't affect me as much "Baik mati je la ko nie."


Hoi, ko ingat ko tu kenal sangat la aku? Aku cube jadi baik, ko jual mahal lak. Kate aku macam perangai kanak-kanak, ko pun sama la wey. Cume, ko lebih macam pompuan sundal daripada lelaki. Wey, baik ko mampus je la. Takde gunenye ko hidup lagi.


is so much better than:


Asshole, do you think you really know me that well? You said I was being childish. You should look into the mirror first before saying that. I was just trying to be nice, but no. You had to be such a fucking bitch. You're such a girl rather that a man. You should just die and rot in hell.


But that's just my opinion. Who knows? Maybe some of you could write better than this.

p/s: I just found out my blog somehow is known to some of my friends. Not sure how they found out.

Maybe through Facebook. Ah, whatever. Like I said since the first post, this blog could offend people. Sape yang makan cili, die yang rasa pedas.

Like Blair said on her blog.
If you hate me or maybe my blog, The exit is le' 'X' button, hopes that help. Thank You.

I mean blog is a way of expressing yourself. It's my way of expressing myself and probably the only way some of you can see the real me.

It's not so mysterious and interesting when you knew the real me. You might as well wish that the girl you see everyday is the real me.