2 Words, UG-Glee.

Status: The party was nice.
Song: Why Did I Fall In Love With You? by DBSK.

Sort of think this layout is cool.

Anyway, I got over the haters. I mean after I wrote the post, I went to check my inbox. And guess who emailed me??

IG aka, Dean!

He wrote:


How are ya? had a damn boring day today :s Hope you are good...
So how is everything at your side?
Anyway, i can bet you are going to smile after reading this... :DD

Why did the doughnut maker retire?
He was
fed up with the hole business.

I know that he sent this to all the other girls. But, it meant something to me because I thought no one was trying to make me feel good. Everyone disappoint me that day. That until this email came along with a lame joke. But I'm still grateful for it.

Fanks. IG.

Oh. Thanks to those who care about my outrage post. You guys are awesome for caring. Yeah, the guy who drives underage is officially my stalker and I'm going to file a restraining order on him. Teehee!

NOW, let's dance to LUPIN! hallo, hallo, hallo, catch, catch!