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Status: There goes my heart, breaking.
Song: Blue Tomorrow by Super Junior-M. Saddest song of the moment.
There is a friend of mine
Although his Korean is poor but his Chinese is very good
His singing is not so good but his dancing is excellent
I like cats while that friend likes dogs
I cant cook while that friend cooks very well
Although I curse everyday but that friend just laughs

But..Time has passed and I have never been nice to him ㅋㅋ
I'm really sorry..
That I have never been nice to him when he was still beside meㅋㅋ
I'm not a sentimental person in particular
I just got drunk while watching the tears fall out ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

It's a very happy and precious thing when you have someone beside you
But me who is old and already grown-up still haven't realized that

ButIt's late...I know it now..really..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
It seems that beautiful words don't exist for nothing^-^
I miss you.. it seems that I'm going to write these words at tim…

Hey Cooky!

Status: Ehmagawd, why that song iz stuck in ma head?! ~Hey Cooky,Cooky, Hey!~
Song: Hey Cooky by SNSD.


Girls, why so cute?!!!! The colors! The dresses! The hair! Why so cute?!

I seriously think I might be more of Girls' Generation's fan than Super Junior's.

Oh no. I can't be like Blair. I don't want to love Yoona, even though she's sooo pretty.

Why must Jessica, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Sunny and Sooyoung have to be so cute and pretty?!

Must. Resist.

Iz waiting for f(x) to make a comeback! Really hope they have a better song. I still lobe you, Amber and your oh-so-boyish hair!

With all of these K-Pop stuff, I somehow have managed to get back to vidding Dair.

Why you must asked? It's because Imma Dair Devil. Dun, dun, dun.

I love that pairing even more when I found Bluck broke up. Love Chuck but Dair > Bluck.

Shuper Boy

Status: I'm gonna be the one that I want.
Song: Without U by 2PM.
Ooo-eerr.. Key/Yoona?!

Random picture is random.

I'm not sure why but people never believe me when I said I don't have a boyfriend.

If I ever had one, I would keep talking about him all the time and tell to the whole world. But I don't.

Which is because I don't have one.

And this may sound completely unbelievable and you might thought that I'm lying but I'm not planning on having one.

No, that does not mean I'm going for girls. Though,

I'm Gonna Be Ok

Status: Everything happens for a reason.
Song: Without U by 2PM. Khun, why so cute?!!

EhMaGawd, when will Super Junior make a comeback?! I cannot wait.

Guess?! I spotted HenBer!! Amber and Henry?! Do want. Though, KeyBer is so much better.

Yesung is looking fineee recently. He totally deserved the UNF. Need moar hawt Yesung!!


Status: Omagawd,ihatetaekwondo.
Song: Way To Go! by SNSD.

I can't believe I flunked my grading. Seriously. It was EPIC!fail. I can't remember a thing while doing the pattern. Am soo disbanding the Taekwondo Grrll Club.

Anyway, I am learning 'It's You' dance. OhmaShisus, it's vair hard. Like hard,hard.

How the hell do you do the 'only-4-u' part?!

Whatever, I'm going back to learning Lupin and Oh!

Bang Times 2

Status: Now we can form The Taekwondo Grrll club.
Song: When I Fall by After School.

Just preorder Boys In City 3. Now, I have a book full of Super Junior's hawtness.

Reasons why I bought it..
Hae and Teuk shirtless?? Do WANT.Could be the last time I will see all 13 of them together. :((There's YeTeuk!That ninja!Kyuhyun! Do WANT SFM.Secretly want Siwon's abs. Gawd, I'm such a girl.KyuHan eveywhere. Saddd...

Chitty Times 2

Status: Jual mahal lak mamat nie. Menyampah!
Song: Hate U by 2PM. 니가 밉다!

Don't really have anything to say. Just updating this blog because Blair asked me too. (It's either this or entering some groupdub thingy.) I don't sing, Blair unless we're in a car or 노래방.

I just realized something extremely important. Insults doesn't hurt me when it is spoken in English. Cursing in English isn't fun as cursing in Malay.

That is le fact.

Which is why whenever I'm on a rage, I usually would cuss in Malay. That's why I love having Malay as my native language.

"Fuck you." doesn't affect me as much "Baik mati je la ko nie."


Hoi, ko ingat ko tu kenal sangat la aku? Aku cube jadi baik, ko jual mahal lak. Kate aku macam perangai kanak-kanak, ko pun sama la wey. Cume, ko lebih macam pompuan sundal daripada lelaki. Wey, baik ko mampus je la. Takde gunenye ko hidup lagi.


is so much bett…

Wish My Name Is Sica.

Status: Iz loving all girl groups.
Song: Magic by Secret. Oh ma mazik, mazik, mazik. Omo,omo,omo.~~

Went to Todd's baby sister's b-day party yesterday. It was nice.

Love all those Barney decorations. Hahas.

Anyway, guess who I saw. It's Todd's so-called girlfriend. Err, well, not officially.

Not even sure if he still likes her. Whatever.

She's pretty. (Why yes, I have to stalk her.)

She's like the Malay version of Selena Gomez. Because of her insanely long hair and chubby cheeks.

She's the least crazy one out of all her other family members. So, that's a plus.

Hold up. Why am I writing up on her?

.... Let's do a quiz! (Got this from someone's journal.)

Super Junior!

1. The first member I fell in love with:

2. The member I never expected to love as much as I do now:

3. The member everyone else loves that I don't:

4. The member I love that everyone else hates:
Heechul. So precious.


2 Words, UG-Glee.

Status: The party was nice.
Song: Why Did I Fall In Love With You? by DBSK.

Sort of think this layout is cool.

Anyway, I got over the haters. I mean after I wrote the post, I went to check my inbox. And guess who emailed me??

IG aka, Dean!

He wrote:


How are ya? had a damn boring day today :s Hope you are good...
So how is everything at your side?
Anyway, i can bet you are going to smile after reading this... :DD

Why did the doughnut maker retire?
He was
fed up with the hole business.

I know that he sent this to all the other girls. But, it meant something to me because I thought no one was trying to make me feel good. Everyone disappoint me that day. That until this email came along with a lame joke. But I'm still grateful for it.

Fanks. IG.

Oh. Thanks to those who care about my outrage post. You guys are awesome for caring. Yeah, the guy who drives underage is officially my stalker and I'm going to file a restraining order on him. Teeh…


Uh.. Maybe I was going over dramatic about the earlier post. But it was worth it.

Anyway, the new layout is only for a day. So, I'll be back with my old layout because this new header is not completed yet.

You're The Devil, Bitch.

Status: Is going to cut a bitch right now.
Song: Run DEVIL Run by SNSD.

I've had it with these people. To think that I was going to say sorry and be nice to them today.
I was waiting for my mom to pick me up from tuition which lasts for like years to me. When a black car come right up to me and the driver said, "I hate you." And drives on.

RAGE! Who the hell does he think he is?! I could just take a picture of him driving a car underage and send it to the police. I'll make sure he's going to move to another school and be far far away from me.

You know what? I've been way to nice in my blog. I never bitch'ed about anyone specifically.

There's so many people I hate right now.
There's this stuck up bitches who think they're so much better than me because I'm a loner.
There's this gay dude who calls other people gay because he's an insecure pathetic loser.
There's this dude who thinks I hate him ju…

TVXQ? No more?

They will stop/pause their activities as “Tohoshinki”
As “Tohoshinki” they will pause their activities but for young people with a future and who has talents, we will support each of the 5 members activities.

From on now please watch “Junsu” “Yoochun” “Jaejoong” “Changmin” “Yunho” and take care of them.

Whassat supposed to mean?! Apparently, everyone is under the impression that 'pause their activites' = disbanded.

I am sad for DBSK because they are the most popular boy band right now. Seeing them end like this is making me sad in a way.

Anyway, I just wanna share this bits of quote I found. It is tres' touching.

If DBSK breaks up, what will you want to do?

If that does happen, I will gather my members again.
As the leader.


Status: Depressed.
Song: Magic by Secret.

I don't know how but my mp3 has a huge deep scratch on it's screen. It's distracting me from watching the videos.

How can I watch the videos if I kept staring at the huge scratch?!

This sucks. I hate my life.

Girls' Generation RDR Story Ver. sucks. It's almost the same as the dance ver.

TVXQ stop their group activities. Was expecting this but... 'Oh no, they didn't!' This is a sad day for Cassies. I will be sad too. I like Mirotic and Stand By U so muchh. And Jaejoong is Perfection. We must always keep the faith. Right??

Hangeng will revealed everything this May. Please let him be in Super Junior. Because he's the reason why Super Junior-M is formed. You can't ditch Henry and Zhou Mi over 'Han Shake Dance' milkshake. And what?! You're in LA?! HolyRandom.

Maybe this has something to do with me being a total ass to a group of people. Ah, but it's for a good ca…